Why Feeding Deer is Important?

Feeding deer is, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting activities for deer enthusiast and deer fanciers.  Many people want to go close to deer, especially white-tailed deer, and feed them.  It is important to feed deer in times when natural food supply for deer is short.  Food shortage usually occurs in extreme winter seasons, and many weak ones die because of lack of food availability. So is it idea to feed deer in winter season?

Best deer Feed

Should I feed deer year-round?

It is advised to be very careful about frequency of feeding deer.  Feeding them too often may discourage them to look for their natural food sources on their own. Another reason to limit is it might alter their natural biology which can further lead them to get infected by dangerous diseases. They tend to stay up close because of supplementary food rather than being farther away in the wilderness in search of natural sources, this increases chances of disease spreading. Supplementary feeding is one of the most important factors for deer hunters to lure deer out in an open space.

What to Feed Deer instead of Corn?

Often times popular believes are not entirely true. Corn is deemed as one of the best supplementary food of deer, which is not true. Many facts have surfaced which advocate in favor of feeding deer something else. Deer feed should include foods and nutrients that are similar to what they eat in natural environment. Making deer feed from various natural sources reduces the risk of diseases to a very great extent.

What to feed deer if not corn? What alternatives are available for feeding deer? Simple answer to this question is that there is numerous food option that can be fed instead of corn. Alternative foods provide better nutritious values. It is very important to keep in mind that supplementary food provided to deer is not supposed to make them fat or unhealthy. It is very conservative in its nature; sole purpose is to provide deer food in regions that lack enough supply relative to the deer population.

Alternatives of Corn in Deer Feed

Some very popular alternatives to corn as supplementary deer feed are as follows:

  • Oats: Oats are very protein-rich food source. It also provides fibers and carbohydrates in balanced ratios, keeping deer healthy and active.
  • Soybeans: Soybean is a very good source to add healthy fat and fiber in any deer feed. It is usually fixed in other primary feeds to balance its nutritious values.
  • Alfalfa: Alfalfa is another high protein supplementary food alternative to corn. It is similar to oats in nutritious values but is much expensive and differs in cut as well.
  • Rice Barn: Rice barn has better protein value than corn but not appreciable as compared to oats and Alfalfa. They should always be mixed with other feeds and not given to deer alone.

List of alternatives goes on and on but few of the best are mentioned above.  Some honorable mentions are as follows:

  • Corn and Hay
  • Creep Feed And Formulated Food Mixes

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Corn alone is not an idea feed for deer. It should be mixed with Oats, soybeans, alfalfa and other nutritious feeds for better deer health.

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