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Best gravity deer Feeder- Buyer’s Guide

If you take a look at the deer feeders in the modern-day market, you will find a lot of variety. There are many products available to you in different shapes and sizes that you can use according to your hunting needs. Among different types of feeders available today the gravity deer feeders certainly stand out. They are simple yet highly useful and can satisfy your needs to a great extent. 

The gravity deer feeders are seen as the basic models that help in distributing feed to deer. They work with the help of gravity to dispense feed to the deer. The gravity feeders for deer contain a hopper at the top that has fed in it. From the hopper, the feed drops into the container tray or on the ground, depending on the model you are using, due to the pull from gravity. Such feeders come in all capacities and are often easy to use and mount.

However, the problem with some feeders is that they tend to feed the varmint population along with deer. You don’t have a proper mechanism for controlling the raccoons and critters which leads to high feed consumption. Ultimately, you end up refilling the feed again and again which costs a lot. Metal gravity deer feeders can be a good alternative to keep the varmint population away.

Considering the modern-day technology and advancement, today, some of the top-rated gravity deer feeders come with timer controls such as the Moultrie gravity deer feeder. If you use the gravity deer feeders with a timer, you are able to control the feed to a great extent. It helps in reducing feed wastage and keeps consumption in check. Talking about versatility, there are many gravity feeder attachments. 

All in all, these deer feeders are a great choice for people who look towards less costly and easy to use attractants. You can simply put in the feed and it will help you dispense the grains and corns as per your desire. Here, we will take a look at gravity deer feeder reviews to analyze how they work and what will be the best choice for you.

Our Picks




A. Roto-molded plastic hopper
B. 2 in 1 setup (gravity and automatic)
C. Feed flow control
A. Compact and lightweight
B. Resistant to sun damage
c. Simple setup
A. Wonderful camouflage design
B. Sleek Build
A. Durable material
B. Sturdy clips
C. Good resistance to varmint chewing


A. Steel constructions
B. Water drainage holes
C. No assembly required
A. Compact and lightweight
B. Resistant to sun damage
c. Simple setup
A. Compact and lightweight
B. Resistant to sun damage
c. Simple setup

When you look up to feeders that can give you maintenance-free feeding, the Boss Buck gravity feeder all in series can come in very handy. It has a heavy-duty build with a tripod stand. What may amaze you is the ability of this gravity feeder to turn into an automatic feeder. You can integrate an automatic feeder setup and run it with a battery (both not included in the package).

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Boss Buck All in Series Protein Deer Feeders gives you a three-way inner sleeve that is helpful in controlling the feed flow. Another highlight is the breathable hopper system which allows for the elimination of condensation and maintains the right temperature for your feed. The sturdiness of this product is reflected from the galvanized leg system and roto-molded plastic.

  • High-quality roto-molded plastic hopper is tough yet extremely lightweight
  • Can convert easily from gravity-fed setup to automatic feeder
  • Double-wall hatch lid provides space for ventilation of the hopper
  • Includes protein feeder kit but there is no automatic feeder kit. You need to purchase it separately

Final verdict

It is great if you want a hassle-free feeder that is easy to set up and comes with good storage capacity. You are able to work with this feeder without much trouble. The only thing to consider is the setup of this feeder as an automatic machine which can be troublesome.

If you worry about gravity deer feeder kits and how you are going to install them, consider Moultrie Feed Station. It comes with the necessary gravity deer feeder attachments and has a strap with which you can mount it to the trees with ease. The low maintenance design and simple profile make it a favorite for many people. However, you won’t be able to place it in a raccoon populated area because of a lack of varmint protection. Also known as tree hugger deer feeder.

The highlights are certainly the UV resistant material used in its build and little to no supervision required for this product. Many products are weakened because of the harsh sun rays, particularly the ones made of plastic. However, this one can be used in tough summers without much worry.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be mounted to the surroundings instantly without having to do much
  • UV resistant plastic makes it highly durable and preferable in sunny days
  • The low capacity tank with a danger of feed being eaten by raccoons raises many questions

Final verdict

For hunters who are out in summers and in an area where the varmint population is considerably low, this can be a great pick. However, if you look to use the feed on rainy days or areas where raccoons are in abundance, you may want to consider other options.


Deer do not prefer feeding in the open. They are not very much attracted to the feeders that you place in grounds with no hidings. Therefore, many hunters prefer the camouflage designs and Wildgame Innovations Tree Hugger is a prime example of how useful such feeders can be. It blends perfectly with the trees and everything looks fairly natural. Ultimately, the deer are more comfortable when it comes to feeding and don’t feel anything unnatural or odd.

Considering the build of this product, it has a decent capacity. There are installation buckles that will attach it to the trees with ease and the camouflage helps in keeping your feeder unnoticeable. Also, the price point is another attractive feature of the Wildgame Innovations Tree Hugger Gravity Deer Feeder.

  • Easy to install and has buckles for better mounting
  • Camouflage design blends in perfectly with the trees
  • Simple, easy to use, and hassle-free gravity feeder
  • Build quality is not very likable and the varmint population can feed on it with ease

Final verdict

The quick installation and easy usage make it a great product that many hunters can work with. If you go on the hunts occasionally and don’t want to waste a lot of time setting up the traps and attractants, this might be the right choice for you.

Moultrie gravity deer feeders certainly stand out in the market for many reasons and durability is one of them. It is reflected thoroughly in this model as many people who purchased the Moultrie Bag Feeder experienced a huge difference in material quality compared to other similar products in the market. It works just like an old fashioned gravity bag that will dispense feed with gravity pull. 

The bag is beautiful in its looks and can hide amazingly well in the trees. However, still, the problem of squirrels and raccoons is present and you must deal with it appropriately. The bag can resist the varmint population for a while unlike most of the low-quality gravity feeders that will be destroyed in a few days.

  • The trust and durability of Moultrie
  • Made with a tough material that can resist varmint attacks for a while
  • Straps and clips are sturdy and won’t get lost easily with time
  • Considering the simple and traditional build, it appears to be a touch pricier

Final verdict

If you are tired of the low-quality traditional gravity feeders and are not afraid of investing a little more, you can certainly give Moultrie Bag Feeder a run. It is not varmint proof and may ultimately end up being chewed by squirrels; the resistance it shows is far greater than other products in the market.

Coming from the house of Big Game Steel, this feeder is made to throw all your worries. The biggest problem with gravity deer feeders is the issue of varmint population. Either they are unable to control the varmint feeding or the raccoons and squirrels make holes in it to access grains and corn. However, Big Game Steel addresses this by creating a gravity feeder with mild steel.

You get a powder coat finish on the mild steel and there is a drainage slot under the feed to drain any water that may come to the feeder due to rain. The feeder has a capacity of 25 pounds and can provide feed to all the different wildlife. All you have to do is put in the feed and mount it to a tree with a securing strap and you’ll be good to go.

  • Made with mild steel to withstand attacks from varmint population
  • Water drainage hole to drain water and keep the feed flesh
  • Easy installation with simple straps – no hardware required for assembly
  • It won’t hide nicely or blend with the surroundings because of the build and color

Final verdict

Tired of having your gravity feeders chewed by the varmint population? Get yourself the Big Game Steel Deer Feeder. It has a 25-pound capacity and is made of sturdy steel to withstand the chewing from raccoons and squirrels. 

Pro hunters don’t like the hassle of frequent refills. They want to get an attractant which they can place somewhere and then forget about it for a while. So, Moultrie has come up with this 55 Gallon gigantic deer feeder that can hold up to 400 lbs of feed at once! The locking legs give you sturdiness and assurance that the feeder will not drop after a few encounters with the deers.

Another liable thing about this product is the varmint guard. You get a built-in system to protect the feed from varmints. Also, you can say goodbye to your battery worries as the indicator guides you appropriately about the battery life and when to replace it.

  • 400 pounds gigantic capacity
  • Built to withstand different weathers and wildlife
  • Quick-lock adapter makes installation fairly easy
  • There is no rain drainage. The tank holds the water until it evaporates

Final verdict

Searching for a feeder that gives you peace of mind once you set it up? Try the Moultrie gravity deer feeder MFG-13375. The capacity assures that you won’t have to return frequently for refills and the solid build makes it a great choice for professional hunters to use for hunting seasons.

Usually, people looking towards gravity feeders want to stay away from the electrical and mechanical parts. If you want a bigger gravity feeder that you can trust and one that has minimal mechanical and electrical adjustments to make, the Moultrie 30 Gallon Gravity Tripod Feeder can come to your aid. It is one of the best gravity deer feeder kits that come with three funnels that provide adjustable flow. 

It is fairly easy to put the feeder together and you don’t need batteries to make it work. Also, you can use the extra legs to make it stand higher and minimize the risk of varmint feeding even more. All in all, the feeder looks great for use in all aspects and can hold up to 200 pounds of feed.

  • Easy to put in feed and assemble the feeder
  • No batteries required for the operation
  • No timer adjustment needed to make it work
  • Three funnels with the adjustable flow to control the feed output
  • Some hunters complain about the height suggesting that the feeder is too close to the ground

Final verdict

Overall, this product is a great fit for hunters that want to feed a decent deer population. It is simple to set up and easy to use with minimal mechanical and no electrical parts. You don’t have to use batteries or timers to dispense the feed.

Banks Outdoors Gravity Fed Deer and Game Hunting Feeders

As the name suggests it is a gravity deer feeder which means it disperses feed under the force of gravity. It does not have any electrical or electronic part working inside it. Manufactured and distributed by Banks Outdoor Company it is sure to last much longer than its competitors. Banks Outdoors are well known for their highly functional design and superior build quality. 

It can hold up to 40lbs of deer feed, by weight. It is raccoon-proof making it particularly attractive among its buyers.  It can be mounted through a number of mounting options. It can be hanged from a fence or tree. It can be placed on top of a narrow general-purpose post.  Specially designed outlet ports let you control the feed flow rate according to the need of the situation, it increases the extent of your control over the feed. It is weatherproof making it much safer for the feed. It does not let water or moisture get inside as a result feed always stays dry and fresh.  The simple design allows easy refilling from the top.

  • It is made up of tough material making it long-lasting
  • Simple design makes it super easy to use
  • It lets you adjust feed flow saving costly feed from being wasted
  • It does not let you timing of the feed
  • It does not let you throw feed at farther distances.   

Buyer’s Guide 

Gravity feeders can give hunters an advantage and draw the wildlife to a decent extent. However, for that, your choice of the feeder should be appropriate. Whenever you are about to purchase a feeder, the following are some considerations that you must not overlook.


The capacity of a feeder is the decisive factor regarding how frequently you need to refill your deer feeder. Therefore, try to get the feeders that come with bigger hoppers. While the capacity can vary depending on your needs, feeders with 200lbs or more feeding space work pretty well. 

Power Consumption

Most of the high-tech models in the market are powered by batteries. Some are rechargeable with solar panels while others require frequent replacement. So, if you are planning to purchase a high-tech model, always be sure that you have the batteries and solar panels managed. Else, you will have a lot of difficulty in the functioning of the feeder.

A Brief Guide to Buy Best Deer Feeder Motor


Start by asking a question: where do you plan to set up the feeder? It gives you an indication of the type of feeder you need, the capacity required, and the additional attachments you must buy. You can go for tree mounted gravity feeders to mount it to the trees around or tripod gravity feeders that can stand on the ground if the location is flat. 

Moreover, if the feeder is set up close to your place of stay, you may not be bothered by frequent refills. However, the larger capacities should be preferred if you have to drive a good distance for refilling the hopper. 


Refilling can be a hard task especially when you are working with deer feeders in mountains. People with trucks and ladders may haul the feed in without much worry. However, how are you going to refill the container frequently and in large capacity if you are to put the feed in your backpack and hike your way through a mountain?

So, be sure that the feeder is not too tall or placed too high up in the mountains. Some of the models give an option of refilling while you stand on the ground, which is a feature desired by many hunters.


Get a sturdy structure with steel built to withstand encounters with wildlife and make sure that your gravity deer feeder parts, attachments, and kits are available easily. Usually, people go for large capacity steel hoppers and galvanized structures to make sure that their feeder won’t break easily.

Varmint Proof

Don’t let the varmint population waste your feed. Get a model with varmint buster and varmint proofing technology or set up a varmint trap separately to keep irritating raccoons away. Make sure that the type of protection you install on your own is compatible with your feeder.

Weather Proof

Keep in mind that your deer gravity deer feeder has to go through a lot across different seasons. There is sun, rain, wind, and there might be snow as well. So, the weatherproofing is important or the harsh climate will break your feeder in an instance.

Mechanical and Electrical Parts

With high-tech feeders come a problem that the parts may get out of order. Usually, the feeders receive power from batteries and the mechanics help in feeding wildlife at given times. Some parts, such as batteries or opening closing mechanics, may break and require appropriate maintenance from time to time.

Ease of Setup

Setting up a feeder might not be as simple as it may seem. A feeder should be good enough to be set up by a hunter independently as individuals don’t like disclosing their hunting locations. There are a variety of products that come with instructions and you can set them up with ease without requiring any additional help from someone.


For most of the hunters, price is a point of concern, and getting the ‘top of the line items’ can be tough. So, always consider your needs and what you have to spend on the attractants. Then assess your hunting grounds to get the perfect product that meets all your requirements.


Q1. How to keep varmint population away from deer feeder?

A. As you place the feeder too close to the ground, the varmint population is much likely to attack it. Therefore, keep it a little high and try to use timer along. Also, you can use varmint busters and traps along your feeder to keep it safe.

Q2. Which batteries are best for deer feeders?

A. Mostly you have 6V or 12V batteries compatible with the deer feeders. Go for trusted brands because even if they are a little costly up front they last for a longer time which makes them more suitable. Moreover, solar charging should be preferred because it is renewable energy and much likely a one-time investment.

Q3. Which is the best brand for gravity deer feeders?

A. There are a ton of different options in the market and the best brand is certainly the one that meets your needs. However, you might give a try to the reputable names such as Boss Buck gravity feeders, Moultrie gravity feeders, and American Hunter.

Final Conclusion

So, these were our picks for the best gravity deer feeders in 2020. The list has everything in it, from the minimal low tech traditional deer feeders to the advanced 2 in 1 product. Thus, make sure that you select the product that suits your needs. Assess your hunting grounds and consider the population you want to feed. Also, keep an eye at the raccoons and squirrels as you search for the perfect solution to your deer feeding needs.

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