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Deer Feeder Timers Review: The Digital Timer

digital deer feeder timerIf you are a regular hunter or wildlife observer you have definitely entertained idea of using deer feeders, if laws permit. It can be essential to distribute feed to attract deer or any wild animal or bird for that matter. Distributing feed manually can not only be very tiring but rather scare animals away from you. Digital timers solve this problem when used with deer feeders.

Benefits of Digital Feeder Timers

Timers let you adjust time and duration for feed dispersal. In simple words, it lets you decide exact time when the feeder should disperse the feed along with dispersal duration. It has a number of benefits:

  • It save lots of physical effort
  • It does not scare animals away, especially deer
  • It reduces feed wastage.
  • It makes out door times more fun and exciting

Let’s dive deep in better understanding of Deer feeder Timer:

What is the purpose of The Timer?

Broadly describing, one of the major purposes of feeder timers is to enable a hunter or observer to have better control of wildlife activity around him or her. Usually they are either too late or too early in process of hunting or capturing an animal or bird, let’s say deer for example.

With timers you can control feeding patterns of deer near you by adjusting feeding time and duration of the feeder.

How to use Deer Feeder Timer in best way possible?

In order to use it in an effective way, you need to start off by placing it at an optimal location. Do not position it near sources of natural food or other feeders. Secondly, do not distribute feed too often. It can cause feed wastage and might causes diseases in animals because of over eating or stale feed lying around.

Who should use The Timer?

Among all the users of feeder timers, hunters top the list. Timers are best and fully used by hunters. It enables them to focus more on actually hunting rather than wasting time and effort on attracting an animal.

Features of Deer Feeder “The Timer”:

  • Installation: Timers have a total of four wires. You do not specialist to get it up and running. All you have to do is to connect two wires to the battery and two to the motor and you are good to go.
  • Programmable Feeding Time: Timer lets you set up to 6 feeding times in a day. Setting up times and durations is also very easy and only just a push of a button away.
  • Included “AA” Batteries: The Timer comes in with already installed AA batteries. It not only saves time and money but you will also appreciate the long life of battery.
  • Testing Features: Timer lets you test it before being actually put into use assuming it will operate just fine. Malfunction during actual use can cause loss of feed and time.