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Best Moultrie deer feeder- Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, maintaining land for better white-tail shooting is as popular as working in a food field. However, in the 1970s and 1980s, the white-tail frenzy was still in its infancy. Dan Moultrie began a deer-hunting company for a personal cause. Moultrie Feeders was created. Innovation and creativity are what make Moultrie a pioneer in wildlife conservation with the best deer feeder and performance.

The company offers products like Moultrie game feeders for deer and other animals. Apart from feeders, it is famous for its camera innovations, food plots, and animal attractants. In a nutshell, Moultrie aims to improve your hunting experience and add quality to your experience.

Moultrie offers various styles of deer feeder styles, which differ from each other based on capacity, design, and assembly. A tripod Moultrie game feeder is the epitome of class. Similarly, its gravity and hanging feeders are made of top-notch material and provide an excellent hunting experience with modern Moultrie deer feeder parts, including digital timers, solar kits, motors, and new technologies dispersing feed. The products’ easy assembly and setup are second to none. Another shining feature of Moultrie’s success story is its capacity. It offers idiosyncratic feeder styles, which are sleek but spacious, providing the same accommodation as any bulky feeder. Moultrie has one of the best hanging deer feeders

According to Moultrie deer feeder reviews, the company has always sufficed a hunter’s need. Manufacturers of products like Moultrie gravity feeder and tripod feeder knew what a hunter would want in its machine for the utmost experience. They put themselves in hunters’ shoes and create the best possible products. Hence, you don’t have to face any problem while setting up or operating a deer feeder in the middle of a forest.

Moultrie products are great, without a doubt, but people usually get confused about which product they should choose. It is a common dilemma to choose from the products that all come from the same exotic line. To help you out of this dilemma, we have put together some of the best Moultrie products with features, pros, and cons, so you can decide which one is perfect for your need. This guide aims to provide a roadmap for you to ease your buying decision and clarify your thought process about the right deer feeder.  Moultrie deer feeder instructions are easy to follow as well. 

Best Moultrie Deer Feeders | Our Top Picks




A. Impressive battery life
B. Stable due to square legs
C. Feed estimator installed
A. Ideal for assembling and setup
B. Feed-level estimator installed
C. Feed can be thrown at a good distance
A. Separate battery compatible with feeder
B. Easy setup
C. cost-effective
A. Simple setup
B. Refilling is not a problem
C. User-friendly
A. Put out suitable feed quantity
B. Snug lid used
C. Collapsible bucket for large capacity
A. More than one connectors for power
B. All-metal housing
C. Utilize power from two batteries
A. No batteries needed
B. Little to no maintenance
C. Can convert into auto-spin feeder
A. Quick-lock adapter
B. No power source needed
C. Varmint resistant

Moultrie 55 Gallon Magnum Tripod

Best Deer Feeders 2020: All You Need To know

Designed strongly to last for a long time, this resilient feeder from the Moultrie Premium Pro Magnum line is supported with a lifetime guarantee. It includes a varmint shield that restricts birds, squirrels, and rodents from ransacking your feeder. Its modern square legs enhance its stability, and a belly band design assures easy assembly. It has a metal spin plate raised on the edges to keep the feed safe from wind problems. The feeder has an innate dual-battery compartment, which holds an extra 6-volt space. The in-built indicator lets you know when your device needs charging or changing.

You can schedule the feed six times a day, thanks to the digital timer. It also controls the feed dispersion between 1 to 20 seconds for each cycle. It is purely made of metal, with barrels, spin plates, varmint guards, and funnels included in the kit. It features a built-in feed level equator, which lets you know how much feed is left in it. The battery-indicator and external port for power are also included in the box. You can utilize a solar panel in the feeder, but it has to be bought separately. It has a capacity of 400 pounds and is perfectly supported by the all-metal tripod.

  • Its battery life is impressive, plus it has a dual compartment for another battery as a spare
  • The square legs add to its stability and protect it from being knocked down by wild animals.
  • The feed-estimator lets you know how much feed is left in the barrel so you can refill it when needed.
  • The batteries and solar panels are not included in the feeder set.

Final verdict

It is a good option if you hunt for fun and are on a budget. It is strongly built, which makes it eligible for use even in the wildest forests. The Moultrie deer feeder time management is perfect as you can efficiently throw the feed and regulate it. The only problem with this feeder is its metal structure, which makes it a bit heavy, but that can be neglected given its amazing features.

30-Gallon Pro Hunter Tripod

Best Moultrie deer feeder 2020- Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Reliable and compatible, the hunter series is your go-to machine if you are looking for both qualities in one feeder. According to Moultrie deer feeder reviews, these are the most dedicated group of deer feeders in the market. With its square profile locking legs and its all-steel hopper, it is up and fit for the wild universe’s challenges. It is manufactured with a quick-lock system, which assures its simple assembly and connection to the hopper. It has a 200-pound capacity and is known as the 30-gallon hopper. Not unique enough? The hopper is coated on the inside to fight rust, so you don’t need to worry about your feed or feeder for months. This Moultrie game feeder comes with a programmable timer, Moultrie feeder motor, and battery plus indicators. The timer lets you control the feed up to six times per day, with an adjustable duration of up to 20 seconds for each. Its fill height is 9 feet, and the indicator lets you know how much feed is left in the hopper.

  • It is an ideal product for assembling, carrying, and set up.
  • It has a feed-level estimator, which lets you know when to fill the feeder to prevent downtime and extra traveling.
  • The feed can be thrown to at least 5 feet away.
  • The batteries are not included in the set and have to be bought separately, posing a compatibility problem.

Final verdict

No matter how vicious the varmints are, they cannot chew through the all-metal hoppers of this Moultrie feeder. Its spinner plate is the most critical part for its performance. The galvanized metal design of the container blocks the wind and maintains cake-free operation through its slick surface. You can also use the external power port to charge the feeder from another source such as electrical or solar, making it the perfect choice when you are away from home.

30 Gal Quick-Lock Directional

Best Deer Feeders 2020: All You Need To know

The flexibility of the Moultrie quick-lock system makes it simple to set up; no tool is required. Designed to feed on a 30-degree line, our guided feeder is suitable for use along highways, ponds, or trails where 360-degree throwing is unnecessary. The directed feeder requires a spinner plate with an internal agitator to boost feed flow and split up the clumps before touching the spinner plate. However, it is equally great for feed that is larger in size such as nuggets. Digital timer enables programming of up to six normal feed times for a duration of 1 to 20 seconds. The battery and feed indicators keep you notified about the power and feed levels. 

  • The battery and solar panel have to be bought separately but they work just fine and are compatible with the feeder.
  • Assembling and setting it up is as easy as ABC.
  • It is cost-effective as compared to its competitors
  • It is not varmint-proof so you would have to buy a separate cage

Final Verdict

This Moultrie feed station pro is a must-have as it features a perfect setup for hunting. Its swift quick-lock technology, easy assembly, awesome spinner plate working, and other Moultrie feeder parts work fine even after several years of use. It is one of the best sellers because of its compatibility and diversity in use. You can utilize this feeder at places where 360-degree feed dispersal is not needed.

15 Gallon Directional Hanging

Best Moultrie deer feeder 2020- Reviews and Buyer's Guide

We have the 15-Gallon Circular Hung Deer Feeder from the exceptional hunting minds of Moultrie. It is great for hunting next to riverbeds or anywhere you want to go. It distributes food in a 30-degree direction up to six times a day. It is long-lasting, looks elegant in black, and is lightweight. It is a perfect investment for anyone who wants to use an automated feeder in a tighter location. When it’s dry, it weighs just over ten pounds, which helps one individual to hang or position it on a post with ease. Often, being attached to a tree or a post offers a lot of choices as far as the terrain is concerned. It can be taken a distance to the target position and set up precisely where it is perfect. Straight out of the box, it comes with a frame and a ratchet strap that helps you to mount it to a tree or a post. It has a big hopper of 15 gallons, equivalent to 100 lbs. of feed. It puts hunters’ mind at rest, understanding that they don’t have to top it up as much as possible and that they can stretch out the feeding events.

  • It’s setup is simple and no expert is needed to assemble it
  • Even if it is a hanging feeder, the refilling task is easy
  • It is user-friendly and provides everything a hunter needs for a great experience
  • As it is hung on a tree, squirrels and raccoons can get to it with ease, hence it’s not varmint proof.

Final Verdict

Overall, this feeder is a decent choice. If a hunter needs to feed just a specific section of the field, and pest control is not a problem, then this feeder is a perfect device that will help them save money on food and maintenance. As with the majority of other Moultrie gravity deer feeders, it doesn’t come with a battery and a solar panel, which have to be bought separately.

All-in-One Hanging Deer Feeder

Best Moultrie deer feeder 2020- Reviews and Buyer's Guide

If you live to hunt, you have to get this Moultrie 5 Gallon Hanging Deer Feeder with Customizable Timer to help you capture your target. It does not require an assembly. Only hang the seeder in your game reserve and it’s prepared for you to use. It has a 5 gallon, tapered bucket and metal rotating pan. It features a wireless timer that helps you to feed deer up to 4 times a day for different durations and quantities of food. It also features a test button to make sure that your setup is working well. You can attach it with a solar panel, which you will have to buy it separately. The Moultrie deer feeder motor spins the metal plate perfectly when needed and is durable enough to offer a 2-year warranty.

  • It manages to put out enough feed per cycle to keep the game coming around
  • It has a snug lid which keeps squirrels and raccoons out
  • It can go days weeks without a refill even if run constantly as the collapsible bucket offers a lot of space
  • The lid is a little hard to open and close, while it keeps squirrels out hunters find it a hard-to-manage component

Final Verdict

This handy all-in-one package from Moultrie contains a feeder, bowl, funnel, and batteries for the full management of feed without any problems. Only add your clip! A tapered container with a collapsible shape saves on delivery charges and storage space, while the built-in funnel prevents the feed from being deposited on the sides and bottom of the container. It features a test switch that makes the setup much simpler.

Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeder-30 Gallon

Best Moultrie deer feeder 2020- Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Keep the wildlife feeding and hunting easy and efficient with this feeder, which is ideal for rocky or densely forested terrain. The metal bar makes it to suspend easily with virtually any cord, rope, or string. This feature, combined with the integrated varmint guard, stops nuisance bugs, squirrels, and raccoons from attacking the feeder. The Pro Magnum has a capacity of 30 gallons and carries more than 200 lb. of feed. Its digital timer programs up to 6 feed daily, each of which lasts from 1 to 20 sec. In addition, the Pro Magnum includes a feed-level assessment tool. It runs on the appropriate 6V battery and is fitted with a dual-slot pocket to allow the installation of a second battery for extended running time. The battery meter lets you keep a close eye on how much energy the batteries have left behind. As a perk, an external energy port and solar panel adapters offer additional power settings. Built for reliability, the machine has an all-metal body, a barrel, a funnel, and a rotating plate with raised edges to protect the feed from the wave.

  • It has optional connectors available for the solar panel if you are out for more days
  • The all-metal housing makes it impossible for raccoons to chew it
  • It can utilize power from two batteries (each of 6V) and, hence, offers an extended battery life
  • The metal lid is concave, which lets the water in resulting in rusting of the container

Final Verdict

Simple truth, the feeder is fantastic and is a decent buy relative to other options – get two insulated 6v rechargeable lead-acid batteries to put in and enjoy hunting as never before. The only problem is of the concave metal lid, but if you hunt seasonally, it shall not bug you.

30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Feeder

Best Moultrie deer feeder 2020- Reviews and Buyer's Guide

This Moultrie gravity feeder uses a simple and compact design to ensure that your game is always well fed. It may sound like an easy product, but it’s made with a few special touches to make feeding your deer simpler than ever before. The Feeder consists of a main tank with a very large capacity of 30 gallons (200 pounds of corn). It uses a sturdy tripod stand device that is easy to install in all sorts of terrains and guarantees a secure feeder anywhere you want to position it. Not only is it sturdy and stable enough to carry 200-pound feed loads, but it is also easy for animals to reach. One of the genius features has to be a convenient quick-lock converter. It helps you to turn your feeder into an automated spin-cast feeder if you wish. The Gravity system on this feeder uses three separate feeder funnels. It makes for a better feed flow of gravity and a lower chance of blockage. Finally, no batteries are needed to distribute the feed. It’s a completely self-managed feeder that operates on the force of gravity.

  • No batteries needed, it works on gravity
  • It requires little to no maintenance
  • It can change into an auto-spin cast feeder as per the hunter’s choice
  • Feeder feet are not included in the package and must be bought separately

Final Verdict

Moultrie has always been able to deliver good quality feeders at reasonable prices, and this model is no different. During the spring and summer seasons, this commodity is really useful as you can increase the protein intake of your deer.

55-Gallon Gravity Tripod Feeder

Best Moultrie deer feeder 2020- Reviews and Buyer's Guide

It uses an ergonomic-flow, gravity dispenser with three feeder enclosures. Power from an outside source is not needed for the feeder. The 55-gallon hopper carries 400 pounds of protein pellet or grain. Tough square metal legs bear weight effectively, while the steel belly band and the Quick-lock connector allow the assembly snap. The Moultrie Gravity Deer Feeder provides an easy and effective activity to hold deer, turkey, and other animals on your land and feed where it’s helpful to you.

  • Its quick-lock adapter allows easy setup and assembly
  • No need of batteries or any other power source for running
  • Steel belly band keeps the raccoons and other animals out
  • It is overly expensive and attaching the feeder tube to barrel is hard

Final Verdict

This feeder is good with the basics but is not suitable if you are a frequent hunter. It doesn’t require batteries to run and the technology integrated in the system is awesome. But the lid is problematic as it lets water sink in making it rust-sensitive.

What Factors to Consider While Buying Moultrie Deer Feeder | Buyer’s Guide

It is a tough call to choose an item from different brands that are equally worthy but it is even harder to pick one from within a particular brand, especially if you know they all are efficient and amazing. This guide lets you in on the simple tips and factors to note before you buy the choice feeder for your game.


Moultrie feeders do not disappoint when it comes to capacity. You can find a feeder with the capacity you desire. Calculate your hunting periods, analyze your game, expected hunts, the feed required, and then decide which capacity feeder is ideal for you.


Are you going to hunt in a forest area or grassland? Location is critical to your choice as it lets you apprehend the type of feeder that will fulfill the purpose exceptionally. Make a smart choice when you decide to buy a hanging or tripod feeder and be sure to know everything about your location.


Location leads to another vital factor, the durability of deer feeder parts. If you are hunting in a wild zone, make sure your feeder is varmint proof. Similarly, if you are out for the game in the middle of the rainy season, you need to buy a Moultrie feed station pro that is rust and weather-proof.

The Mechanical and Electrical Parts

Having a feeder with all the components stuffed in without purpose should never be your call. Go for the ones that have working components. These are lightweight and easy to assemble. If you are a frequent gamer, you need a feeder with optimal electrical parts. Electrical parts that are well designed and robust. 

Gravity or Automatic

Not all gravity feeders are ideal, sometimes you need to place your feeder away from the hunting zone and you may require Moultrie feeder motors and batteries to disperse the feed away from the feeder. Hence, while purchasing the feeder, you need to calculate your demands and requirements. If you are hunting in a place where wild animals are common, you need an automatic feeder. You can keep the feeder away from sight and its motor can throw the feed away, close to the game. However, if you are hunting in a place where wild animals are rare, you can utilize a gravity feeder and place it on site.

Ease of setup

If you buy a feeder and then need an expert to assemble it, what is the use? You definitely cannot call an expert in the middle of the forest during hunting. This is why you shall grab the ones, which are easy to set up and assemble.


Cost-effectiveness is the key to any successful purchase. As stated earlier, calculate your requirements, know your expenses and budget, and then make the final decision. Don’t buy a high-tech feeder if you are not a frequent hunter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I install the Moultrie 15 Gallon Feeder without directional hanging?

A. It is not ideal to install the feeder as it is designed this way. It will not be stable unless it is attached to a tree or pole.

Q2. What batteries are needed for Moultrie feeders?

A. Moultrie feeders do not have batteries installed in the box but all of them operate on 6V batteries. You can either buy a rechargeable one or the simple one, both are compatible with Moultrie game feeders.

Here’s a brief guide on how to buy motors for deer feeders.

Q3. Does Moultrie tripod Feeder come with motors and timers?

A. Yes, except from batteries and solar panels, you can get all other Moultrie deer feeder parts in the box.

Q4. What is the fill height of Moultrie 55 Gallon Pro Magnum Tripod?

A. It is 9 feet above the ground so you have to get a ladder or some other support to refill it.


Moultrie appears to be a company that recognizes the fact that hunters have a variety of tastes and hunting requirements. They’ve successfully tried everything from bucket feeders, tripod stations, and, of course, gravity feeders. Each one has its pros and cons and suits best in a particular scenario. All you have to do is figure your hunting scenario out and buy a feeder that fits the plot. Whether it is a hanging feeder or a tripod stand, analyze your requirements, and decide whether you want to go with the gravity type or the automatic type.

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