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Are you looking for iconic deer feeder parts like game-winner deer feeder parts and others online? Don’t look anymore. This guide is designed after scrutinizing the best accessories of different deer feeder manufacturers. We bring you a reliable and concise buying guide to help you decide which part will suit your feeder and hunt.

Getting the right parts for your one of the best feeder is essential. If you opt for a cost-effective piece but isn’t suitable for your machine, it will be a waste of time, money, and apparent effort. So if you want an accessory that matches your feeder’s brand without having to search further for it online, you are at the right place. We have shortlisted these items after comparing their features such as functionality, build Quality, and type of feeders they will suit best.





A. Replaceable timer kits
B. Built-in battery indicator
C. Can be put on sleep mode
A. Compatible with all 6V feeders
B. Lead-acid sealing
C. Long running battery time
A. Cost-effective
B. Compatible with various feeders
C. LED indicator for batteries
A. Trickle-charge design
B. Compatible with all 6V batteries
C. Built-in battery indicator

Moultrie Universal Digital Timer


Featuring a customize able six feeding times per day and a duration of 1-20 seconds for each cycle, it is a must-have for any of your automatic feeder. It can be quickly installed in all types of automatic feeders and is compatible with six or 12-volt batteries. It comes with a display screen and labeled buttons to help you set the feed time. Timers play very important role in any feeder. It helps reduce human labor and need of various other deer feeder parts.  Among top brands Multrie produces most reliable yet affordable digital timers. Digital timers are becoming essential with ever increasing diverse hunting situations. Just like other feeder parts moultrie produces long lasting and robust Digitalt timers. 

  • The photocells and timer kits can be replaced or upgraded
  • It has a built-in battery indicator
  • It can be put on sleep mode to save electricity
  • The sleep feature does not work perfectly and the feed time is disturbed resultantly

Final verdict

Deer feeder timers are designed to make your work easy, and Moultrie deer feeder parts provide you with ease and comfort of hunting on a priority basis. It is a universal unit, which makes it compatible with multiple branded feeders

Moultrie MFHP12406 Battery


It is a sealed lead-acid battery, which prevents problems like short-circuiting and saves your time and money. You don’t need to worry about using it outdoors in the rain as it is relatively safe. It is rechargeable and operates on 6 volts and 5-ampere current. It works best with alligator clips at the end of the wiring. Moultrie feeder replacement legs are strong enough to bear load of the battery pretty easily. 

  • It works great with any 6-volt feeder
  • It assures safety due to its lead-acid sealing
  • It comes pre-charged, and the charging does not drop easily
  • It does not come with a charging cord and is quite expensive

Final verdict

The construction of this battery is second to none. It guarantees a safe and robust connection with the alligator clips installed in the majority of the feeders. The battery is pre-charged when you buy it and does not drain easily making it a great choice for long hunting tours. It’s a little expensive compared to other batteries but is worth it because of its supreme quality. It works best with moultrie feeder motors. Both battery and motor are from same brand, hence work very well with each other. 

Moultrie 6-Volt battery charger


It is a float charger that doesn’t overcharge batteries. It comes with a LED light indicator, which notifies you when the battery is fully charged. It is not an expensive unit and works with all feeders that operate on a 6-volt battery. 

  • It is cost-effective and saves your money
  • It has an LED indicator that prevents your batteries from getting over-charged
  • It is compatible with various feeders
  • It is not as long-lasting as other chargers

Final verdict

It is one of our favorite Moultrie deer feeder parts because it charges almost any rechargeable battery that operates on 6 volts. It is easy to carry around and is designed efficiently for outdoor use as well. It comes in handy if you don’t want to replace your batteries after one use and want to keep them fit. Most notable feature is that it is a float charger,  which means it does not over-charge feeder battery. A well charged battery protects other important parts safe as well. 

Moultrie Feeder Power Panel


Keep your hunting feeders fuelled by the Moultrie 6V power panel. The contacts are consistent with game feeders operated by 6V batteries, and retrofitted alligator clips allow for usage in any older solar deer feeder as well.  The trickle-charge configuration tends to preserve battery life and does not overcharge 6V batteries. These game feeder parts are few of the finest parts out there in market. 

  • Its trickle-charge design helps maintain battery life
  • It is compatible with most game feeders that operate on 6V batteries
  • It has a built-in battery indicator
  • The cord is too short to be used with most feeders

Final verdict

This item essentially makes your feeder maintenance free. Keep it in sunlight for a few hours, and your feeder is suitable to go for days. The battery does not drop quickly and is automatically charged in the sunlight. Its simple design makes it super-easy to be installed in the feeder.





A. Easy to place
B. Includes mounting hardware
C. Keeps feeders tidy
A. Lead-acid batteries
B. No conditioning required
C. Durable
A. Includes complete kit
B. Galvanized for better performance
C. Compatible with variety of feeders
A. Available in packs
B. Highest quality material
C. Adjustable feed rate

American Hunter Easy Open Lid


Get fast and convenient access to the American Hunter Soft-Open Lid for 55-Gallon Feeder. It offers you two advantages. First of all, it stops water from remaining on the top of the door. Second, it’s easy to open because it holds itself on the side. The deer feeder cover seals away critters and contaminants. It’s simple to use and provides all the equipment you need to use. lots of people wonder if american hunter deer feeder parts are readily available, and answer to that is yes. These parts are easily available.

  • It’s easy to install
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Keeps the feeder clean and tidy
  • It expands a little when the barrel is full and gets hard to take off

Final verdict

It is a heavy-duty lid, and the make is thick and of high-quality. It comes with springs attached, which seals your barrel, ultimately making it easier and safer to carry along while traveling. It is made of metal and is pretty strong for the purpose. Plus, the lid is galvanized so you can use spray paint of any color you want.

American hunter rechargeable battery


It is a top-notch product with a durable and long-lasting battery life. Works fine with 6-volt, 4.5 mAh voltages, and is rechargeable. You don’t have to replace your batteries once they are dead, you can simply recharge it using a cord charger. It can be used for game feeders, motorized ducks, spotlights, headlights, and game calls. Plus, it works smoothly with any deer feeder motor that operates on 6-volt.

  • It is sealed with lead-acid and is maintenance-free
  • It does not require conditioning before use
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • The battery is difficult to fit in several feeders

Final verdict

It is one of our favorite American hunter feeder parts because of its versatile use and fantastic quality. The battery can be used for all products that require a voltage of 6-volts. It works pretty well and can be recharged as well. If you are away hunting and your battery has dropped, which is rare, these accessories surely save the day. 

American Hunter Leg adapter kit


This leg adapter package has a collection of three square tube legs of ⅞ inches placed on a 55-gallon tank. It bends to provide a proper angle for mounting 8’ legs to the drum. It can carry up to 400 pounds per package of three adapters. It comes with the back panel and bolts. 

  • It includes legs, back plates, and bolts, all you need in your deer feeder leg kit
  • It is galvanized and strong
  • It can work pretty well on tanks lower than 55-gallon as well
  • It can be tipped off by big wild animals

Final verdict

It is a best seller online due to its qualities like easy bending, quick installation, and durable makeup. This kit is an essential tripod deer stand accessories and provides what you need for a unique and carefree hunting experience.

American Hunter Digital Timer


The American Hunter 6/12V Wireless Timer helps you to control how and when you fill the feeder. Set up to 8 separate feed times per day with a customizable feed rate and determine precisely which days of the week to feed. Fast configuration and convenient-to-use programming render the lightweight 6/12V Automated Timer to be an excellent option to monitor your feeders. Few of the competitors may include on time wildlife feeder parts

  • It is available as an individual unit as well as in packs of 2, 3, and 4
  • It is made of the highest quality material
  • Feeds up to 16 times per day with adjustable rate
  • It works only if it is connected to a 6-volt source

Final verdict

The digital timer is better than many of its competitors as it has a programing button, which allows you to set it quickly, a reset button, and two set buttons. It also allows you to test the timer with the T button. The display screen shows you when it’s ready to throw the feed and other specifications as well. Overall, it’s an ideal item to use.





A. Weater-tight seal
B. Self-adjustment according to weather
C. Convenient potentiometer knob
A. Small and fits most plates
B. Easy soldering 
C. Spin in both directions
A. Easy installation
B. Durable and dependable
C. Compatible with multiple brands
A. Built-in fuse/regulator
B. Ideal replacement battery
C. Compatible with many products

Digital Power Control


Complete your game feeder with a 6V Photocell Power Control Package from Wild game Developments. The package uses a flexible photocell eye connected to wireline and adapts to existing solar and environmental conditions. The control device has two pre-designed regular feed periods and has an adjustable range of 1 to 20 seconds per stream. For comfort, the mounting hardware varies from 1/8 “to 3.” It definitely scores a good place in Wildgame innovations deer feeder parts. It has much better performance than game winner 6V Digitial control unit

  • Its wiring harness features a weather-tight seal and self-adjusts accordingly to the weather patterns
  • The high-torque motor spreads feed effectively
  • It has a large potentiometer knob for convenient use
  • Batteries are not included in the box

Final verdict

This deer feeder kit has it all. You can customize your feed six times per day, adjust the rate as it comes with deer feed timer parts, motor drop funnel, protective housing, and a spinner. It throws feed in a 30 feet range and includes a 2” drop funnels.

Deer Feeder Motor


It offers a better hunt and is compatible with all wildlife feeders. It has a ⅛” shaft and is easily replaceable. Its manufacturers offer a one-year warranty for use and all its internal parts. It is compact, available in multiple colors, and is easy to carry around. It rotates at the rate of 30,000 RPM and can be installed instantly. It is one of the most reliable Wildgame innovations feeder parts.

  • It is small and fits most spinner plates
  • Soldering it is easy and screws required for it comes in the box
  • Spins in both directions
  • It is not weather-resistant and sticks after rainfall

Final verdict

This replacement deer feeder motor fits perfectly in all feeder shafts. It operates on a 6-volt battery and can be purchased as a separate unit. Other brands don’t sell individual motors, making it hard to get a genuine replacement piece for the feeder. This problem is solved, thanks to the wild game innovation deer parts. 

Digital Timer


The Wildgame Innovations wireless timer runs with either a 6V or a 12V power control mechanism to have up to six feed times a day. Switch feed duration vary from 1 to 30 seconds to accommodate your feed and fuel plan. The timer also has a “test” button so you can be confident that your feeder performs its job even though you can’t track it daily. Wildgame feeder parts are very robust and provide best value for money. Wild game deer feeder parts are one of the best in quality.

  • It is easy to install
  • Dependable and durable
  • It is compatible with other brands as well
  • Its size makes it hard to fit with many models

Final verdict

Wildgame innovation deer parts are designed to solve your feeder related problems. Whether it’s about the deer feeder timer or the deer feeder timer parts, wild game units are the ultimate solutions. The accessories are not only of supreme quality but are manufactured with material that is weather-resistant and lasts long. Hence why wild game feeder parts are known for their quality. 

Tab Style Rechargeable Battery


It is a recyclable lead-acid sealed battery that operates on 6 volts. It is long-lasting and is protected from bad weather, animal attacks, and other issues. It has an in-built regulator that makes it useful as it won’t work if it does not find a reliable source or environment preventing short-circuits. It works best with game winner feeder parts.  Who does not want long last battery? But battery capcity is not only what matters. Its build quality, rigidity, storage mechanism are few of many factors that should be considered while making a purcahse. Wildgame is knows for its attention to detail, especially when it comes manufacturing parts of its deer feeders. 

  • It has a built-in fuse/regulator to help it decide which machine to work with
  • It is an ideal replacement battery
  • Fits in many products other than feeders including kids’ toys
  • It has a short battery life (20 hours between charges) as compared to other brands

Final verdict

This replacement battery is easy to install and compatible with multiple devices. It is not so expensive, which explains why it is a great choice. The battery fits perfectly due to its exceptional dimensions and design.

We have reviewed the best accessories from all brands for automatic and gravity deer feeders and gravity deer feeder parts in section below.





A. Perfect for moultrie feeders
B. Water, weather, rust resistant
C. Easy and mess-free feeding
A. according to weather
B. Four-year warranty
C. Weather-resistant gasket
A. Compatible with 6V and 12V batteries
B. Comes with a remote control
C. Compatible with moultrie feeders
A. Attachment system reduces weight
B. Double pulley system
C. High quality components

Moultrie internal funnel


Now, due to this sturdy plastic funnel, you can make sure that every single little bit of feed is thrown out of the feeder. An easy but innovative solution, the Moultrie Internal Funnel, helps you save time and resources by dispensing all the filled feed, with no failure and wasted scraping inside.

  • It fits perfectly in the Moultrie feeders
  • It’s made of plastic which is resistant to water, harsh weather, and rusting
  • It makes the filling of feeders easy and mess-free
  • It is hard to install in the feeder

Final verdict

If you are tired of feed left behind in the feeder, this is the one thing you need. It assures the user that all of the meal you put in the feeder goes outside. It helps your feeder to be smell and mess-free. Plus, it saves you from the burden of cleaning the feeder frequently.

Photocell Power control unit


The system utilizes a robust photocell focus affixed to the wireline and adjusts to current solar and climate changes. The monitoring system has two hardwired feed intake times and an adjustable duration of 1 to 20 seconds per feed. The mounting hardware is adjusted from 1/8 “to 3” for comfort.

  • It adjusts according to the weather conditions and gets charged
  • The housing is weather-resistant and has a protective gasket
  • It comes with a four-year warranty
  • Batteries are not included in this kit and must be bought from outside

Final verdict

The control unit includes a galvanized steel spinner plate, a power control unit, a 6V motor, protective housing, and drop funnel, making it the perfect unit containing all the automatic deer feeder parts you need. The best part is that an owner’s manual comes in the box to provide all the instructions for installing it in your feeder.

Moultrie Feeder Activator

Now you can trigger your feeder from a range of up to 300 feet and stop disturbing deer or any other animal you have in your sights. Compatible with every feeder type or model, this simple remote control helps you target and shoot from your deer stand, providing infinite new possibilities and more effective and discreet scanning.

  • It comes with a remote control that allows you to start your feed with a button push
  • It is compatible with all Moultrie feeders and does not affect programmed feed times
  • Compatible with both 6V and 12V batteries
  • It does not work well with other feeder brands

Final Verdict

Pretty easy to install, this feeder controller has a perfect range and works fine within the defined range. Forget timing and setting your feeder when you can do it with a single push of the remote. You can do it as many times in a day as you want without having to go near the hunting spot and resetting the feed time. It is a must-have product.

Boss Buck Tripod Header

The High Duty steel header is second to none. It utilizes the right materials for a great hunting experience. You should expect this component to over-perform, beginning with a free thumb bolt-tightening method. It’s got a 1000 lb. The pulley used in the Hanging Feeder Tripod Systems. Today, it is the best approach by connecting the provided pulley on the TPH2 machine with the pulley on your hanging tank. Tripods are often toppled by wild animals. Tripod head should enough strength to bear impact of fall. Often parts do not have enough strenght. Boss Buck is changing game how deer feeders are made. 

  • The attachment system reduces the felt weight making it easier to lift
  • It has a double pulley system for efficient working
  • The components of the system are of high quality
  • It does not have pipe legs, which you will have to buy separately

Final verdict

It is a heavy-duty system that eases your way through a tripod feeder. It holds the winch clear of spooling and slipping to the ground under load. Its working system is not only safe and robust but also inexpensive. All you have to do is attach pipe legs, and your hanging tripod system is set to go.





A. Universal funnel
B. Works fine with automatic feeders
C. Easy installment
A. Protects the motor
B. Great fit
C. Ideal for large animals
A. Stabilizes tripod feeders
B. Fits all types of tripod feeders
C. Push button for convenient use
A. Efficient shark design
B. Human-friendly

Wildgame Innovations Polycarbonate Drop Funnel

This two-inch drop funnel directs feed and seed from the feeder to be eaten by the deer. If there is no pre-made hole in your feeder, you may need to make it yourself. It is built from durable polycarbonate, which is weather and rust-resistant. The hardware mount is included in the box for easy installation.

  • It is a universal funnel that fits in almost all brands
  • It works externally and is perfect for any automatic feeder
  • Offers easy installment and a perfect replacement
  • It is not as durable as metal and is not resistant to varmints

Final verdict

The funnel works just fine with multiple feeders. Its polycarbonate make allows easy installation and user compatibility. You can use it as a replacement to repair your feeder, and after the job’s done, it feels as new as ever. Being cost-effective and efficient, the only thing you have to look for its durability. It works fine for a feeder that is used frequently, but if you don’t hunt often, it’s not the product you want.

Moultrie Varmint Guard

The Moultrie Varmint Guard 14 is built to suit the Moultrie convenient-Lock, hard core-Lock, 30 and 55-gallon drum feeders, avoiding harm to your feeder and stopping wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and birds from accessing it. Save money reducing waste of feed and providing it to your deer herd; the Varmint Guard 14 pays for itself in no time!

  • It protects the motor perfectly
  • Fits great and super easy to install
  • Works fine for turkeys as the bars are 1 inch away
  • The bottom holes are large enough for varmints and raccoons to get in

Final verdict

Not a perfect make, but it’s pretty reasonable to protect your motors and feeders. The material is not heavy duty but offers easy installation and protection. It is not an expensive product, so you can buy it if you hunt in an area where wild animals are not seen frequently.

Moultrie Metal Feeder Feet

Ensure that your game feeder remains upright and just where you want it to with these durable metal feeder legs, featuring half-inch holes that allow rebar or stakes to be inserted into the legs for added support. Holes in the feet allow it for secure staking even on harsh grounds. The box includes 3 feet and three stakes.

  • It is ideal for stabilizing tripod feeders all sorts of soils and grounds
  • It fits all kinds of tripod feeders
  • It has a push-button, which helps it to fit easily in other brand feeders
  • It has only 3x little brazing points that compromise its strength and quality

Final verdict

These are excellent tripod deer stand accessories and get you out of any setup problems. The feet work equally well on hard grounds and moist, dry soils. The feet are ideal for automatic as well as gravity feeders and are worth trying.

Boss Buck Shark Strips

These are varmint deterrent galvanized strips, which prevent rusting. Its shark teeth design also keeps away raccoons, exotics, and other livestock that may attack your expensive gravity feeder parts. It comes with mounting hardware making it easy to install.

  • The shark design makes it worthy of its price
  • The new teeth design is human-friendly and does not harm the user
  • It does not keep squirrels off the feeder

Final verdict

The silver teeth-designed strips work well in the daylight, are pretty visible, and keep wild animals away from your feeder. It is worth buying and protects your feeder from animal attacks.


Before you buy an accessory for your feeder, make sure to go through these factors to save your money and time.

Electrical power

Timers, motors, and solar control units usually work on six or 12V batteries. Any item that works on these voltages is a good option because it will certainly fit a broad category of feeders.


Accessories like funnels need to be bought after knowing what capacity you want to cater to. If your feeder has 55 gallons space, a 30-gallon funnel won’t work well for it. On the other hand, getting a funnel for a feeder with less capacity is hard to fit and often clogs the feeder.


The most crucial factor to consider when buying a feeder or its accessories is the weight. As the feeder is to be filled with a substantial amount of feed, it must not be heavy when empty. So when you go to buy an accessory, try to opt for the plastic ones as they are less bulky.


Durability is another critical aspect when it comes to buy the perfect accessory for your feeder. If your battery, motor, or timer is not durable or long-lasting, it will also affect the feeder. You can access the durability of an item by looking at its design, materials, and test working. Priorities factors governing durability of any part and decide on basis of what is more important for your whole hunting experience.

Electrical & Mechanical properties

The respective features apply to parts that are either installed for electrical or mechanical use. For instance, if you are buying a motor, check its electrical features like current, voltage, and cables. Similarly, before purchasing a strip or varmint guard, make sure it’s weather-resistant and performs its job well. One brand that is working on minimal part approach is definetly Capsule


Never pay for an item if it’s disturbing your cost & goal balance. If a motor is expensive and you want to buy it for a feeder that’s not frequently active, you should look for cost-effective alternatives.

Ease of installation

Many of our chosen products are on the list because they come with an installation kit and owner’s manual. Buy yourself items that are easy to install and compatible with multiple feeders.


Q1. Does the Moultrie battery come with a charging cord?

It doesn’t come with a separate cord but requires one and has to be purchased separately. 

Q2. How long should I recharge my Wild game rechargeable battery?

It is recommended to charge the battery for 8-12 hours before using it for the first time. After that, you may recharge it when the battery indicator is on.

Q3. Does the wild game timer fit other brand feeders?

Yes, it fits all other brands eloquently and is available at best possible price.

Q4. How much weight can a boss buck tripod header carry?

The header’s pulleys and eyelet are efficiently designed to support 2000 lbs of weight, which makes it ideal for use. The standard piping holds as much as 1200 lbs.


Deer feeder accessories make or break your feeder. The ones which are required for basic functioning must be purchased after looking at the factors discussed above. Compare different brands and look for the ideal one. Moultrie electrical items and Wild game mechanical items are perfect as new and replacement options.