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6 Most important Parts of Deer Feeder: Best Deer Feeder Parts

deer feeder parts

What are Deer Feeders used for?

As far as human history goes, humans have always been hunting for different purposes. In ancient times primary purpose of hunt was either to get food or protection from wild predatory animals. In those times hunting was not only very primitive but also very dangerous.  Weapons made out of stone and wood were used.

As time went on and centuries passed, reasons to hunt evolved. Human became wiser and hunting equipment also changed for good. Another reason added to the list of reasons and that reasons was recreation or hunting as a sport.

Throughout evaluation humans have made things easy and convenient and so were done for hunting.  Deer hunting is one of the most likeable outdoor activities for rural and urban people throughout world. To make deer hunt easy and safe hunters began using deer feeders.  Deer feeders are used to periodically distribute feed which attracts deer towards them.

Two Major Types of Deer Feeders

Deer feeders are mechanical devices buildup by assembling various components and parts. There are different types categorized on the basis of working principal of functionalities. Broadly, they can be divided into gravity deer feeder and automatic deer feeder.

As the name suggests gravity feeders work under the force of gravity while automatic utilize some electromechanical combination to distribute feed.

Best Deer Feeder Parts

Here are few of the most important Deer feeder parts that are essential for proper working and durability of deer feeders.

  • Tank or Hooper: Hooper is the main container in any feed that stores feed inside it. Capacity is defined by volume of Hooper.  This container comes in different designs depending upon feeder it is made for.  An idea Hooper should be airtight, lightweight and durable.
  • Deer Feeder Motor: Motor is an electrical-mechanical component. It is mostly used in automatic deer feeders to disperse feed. It can be programed to operate in a defined manner. Motors are available in different powers and sizes.  Choice of motor largely depends on feed dispersal capacity of deer feeder.
  • Digital Timer: It is an electrical component that allows hunter to predefine time and duration for dispersal of feed. It is a small component, as small as palm of a hand. It operates on electrical power provided either preinstalled batteries of solar panels.
  • Leg Adapter Kit: Metallic legs or tripod is used to keep deer feeders at a certain height. Some feeders need to be at height to be able to function properly. These are particularly popular with gravity deer feeders.
  • Batteries: Usually 6-volt rechargeable batteries are used to power different electrical parts. These parts can range from a small digital timer to a large motor in an automatic feeder. The batteries can be recharged through direct electrical power source or solar panels attached at the top. Batteries should have a good durability and large capacities to be able operate for many days.
  • Charger: Batteries in a feeder require charging whenever they are drained.  Usually 6-volt DC chargers are used to rapidly charge batteries and get them up and running again. Solar-powered battery charges are becoming popular at rapid pace.