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Best Capsule Deer Feeders- Buyer’s Guide

Deer feeders are an essential part of hunting equipment. These are great for dwellers and adventure seekers who love to attract whitetails and other such animals to their backyards for enjoyment. They may be the best resource to hold the deer in your hunting region or even to attract a large buck inside the bow range of hunters. Many types of feeders are available in the market, but the traditional ones have their problems. For example, tripod feeders are not stable enough, and hunters fear deer knocking them over, spilling expensive corn.

The Capsule Feeder is a problem-solving innovation to traditional gravity feeders, tripod feeders, and other game feeder sets. The sturdy structure of the capsule sits on the earth and is strong enough to survive all the powers of nature. It protects the kit and feed from varmints, and assures its equal distribution. The best capsule feeders are well-structured and make hunting fun. Many brands like boss buck, Moultrie and American hunter are trying their best to cope up with technology. 

Virtually, it is indestructible, saves your time and money due to its idiosyncratic structure, and is easy to operate. Unlike the tripod feeders, you don’t have to climb stairs to put or check your feed. It makes sure that the animals remain out and no feed is lost. The top-rated Capsule feeder is the biggest innovation of wildlife feed technology.  Capsule technology is gaining more and more traction as more and more people are getting to know about it. Other brands are introducing variants that are slightly different than The Capsule Deer feeder but encapsulate its aim of being indestructible. 





A. Durable, strong batteries
B. Easy to fill
C. Solar charger included

A. No climbing
B. Varmint and rust proof
C. Can hold different feed types

B. Built-in solar battery
C. Heavy duty capsule

A. Excellent feed control
B. Solar panel included
C. Kit included in the box

A. 20 year warranty
B. First-in first-out feed system
C. Built-in handles

A. User-friendly
B. No extensive labor
C. Super durable batteries

A. DIY version
B. Solar panel and battery included
C. Indestructible metal barrel

A. DIY version
B. Cost-effective 
C. Complete tool-kit installed

A.Throws feed 5-10 ft away
B. Feed lasts for 20 days
C. Guaranteed quality

A. Base holes for anchor
B. Dispenses ⅓ feed per second
C. UV-resistant plastic

It is the safest and most innovative capsule feeder for deer in the world. Its unique configuration helps outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to fill and work with the feeder. Forget climbing ladders on uneven land while holding heavy corn sacks! The HDPE framework is simple to transfer, lightweight, and nearly indestructible. It is lighter than steel bottles and absolutely rust-proof. Its timer settings allow the hunter to fill it six times a day. Also, the feeder rests perfectly even on the sloppy ground owing to its low center of gravity, with no fear of the feeder being attacked by the animals. The solar panel holds the battery charged all year long.  Having a rubber wheel around makes it easier to move around. 

  • It has durable (strong batteries)
  • It is absolutely easy to fill as the hunter does not have to climb ladders or pick the feed up to pour in the feeder
  • Solar charger works brilliantly
  • No need to pick up can be rolled easily
  • Adjusting the time is quite hard
  • It is noisy, which can de-track the deer

Capsule Feeder Cap-250 has a capacity to hold up to 250lbs of feed which is a lot as compared to other feeders in this price range. As seen in the picture, it uses the scrap tire of a truck as a base at the bottom. Package of Capsule Feeder CAP-250 includes a solar panel, metal Spinner plate, steel fill cap, timer kit, battery, and HDPE capsule. 22.5-inch Scrap tire which works as a base does not come with the package and has to be bought separately. This deer feeder comes with a lifetime warranty.

The capsule of structure is made up of HDPE which makes it much lighter as compared to steel and other metals. It is very durable and virtually indestructible. HDPE is a form of plastic that makes it rust-proof. 

CAP-250, like many other deer feeders, rests very safely on the ground because of its low center of gravity. Low center of gravity and broad base makes it hard for wild animals to topple it, saving huge costs in terms of feed wastage.

CAP-250 comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which adds to its attraction. Its users feel safe and confident while using it in the way they want. A lifetime warranty coupled with amazing customer service makes it a clear winner among hunters. 

It is an automatic deer feeder which means it lets your program feed dispersal. Like many deer feeders, it lets you disperse feed up to 6 times a day for an adjustable duration ranging between 1 to 20 secs. It operates on a 6Volt rechargeable battery that comes with the package. Recharging the battery isn’t a headache as it comes with a heavy-duty solar panel that keeps it fully charged all year round.  

Its low height allows it to be refilled by standing on the ground. It is much safer as it does not require someone to climb up the ladder with a bag full of feed. 

Final Verdict

It is one of the best capsule game feeders you can buy at an affordable price. The solar and manual batteries work fine and have a long senescence. It has a proper kit with mounting screws for tires. It includes a 12 volt motor for sound working. It’s super easy to assemble and fill. It is worth the price.

It can be classified as the safest feeder in the world. The proprietary architecture of the ground-sitting capsule reduces the risk of operating under a 400 lb. tank. Its HDPE framework is simple to transfer, extremely lightweight, and hard to destroy. Also, it is rust-proof and remains as if it’s new even after years of use. The provided digital timer offers up to 6 automatic feeds a day. Manage your game comfortably without a regular feeder pass. A low center of gravity enables the feeder to rest comfortably, without the risk of being tipped over. Fill your feeder and set your timer; you don’t need to continuously test your feeder. Smaller size and color come in handy when its needs to be properly camouflaged in the woods. 

  • Easy to fill and maintain
  • No climbing involved
  • Can hold different types of feed
  • Made of roto-molded plastic that doesn’t rust out
  • Will not tip over
  • Varmint proof
  • Feed is easily spilled out
  • Timer management is not ideal

CAP-200 by Capsule Deer feeders has the capacity to hold up to 200lbs of fresh feed. This capacity is particularly suitable for newbie hunters and small acreage property owners.  200lbs of fresh feed can last for many days and be adequate for an appreciable number of deer if used properly. As seen in the picture, the capsule lies on the ground supported or joined to a thick metal plate. Base comes with handles allowing easy moveability from place to place. 

The package of  CAP-200 includes a digital feeder kit, metallic spinner plate, solar panel, timer kit, battery, steel refill cap, and an HDPE capsule. None of the other brands offer so much in one single package. 

The capsule is the component of the capsule deer feeder, after the metallic spinner plate and timer kit. The capsule is made up of reliable HDPE material which is tough, unbreakable, and much lighter in weight as compared to other generic metallic deer feeders. The House of the feeder kit is also made up of hard plastic protected by metallic guards. 

Like other capsule deer feeders, it also has a very low center of gravity which makes it very stable and safe. A low center of gravity makes it super hard for it to be toppled. HDPE material is strong enough to withstand intense animal attacks with breaking down or getting toppled. Varmints can not get to the feed inside the capsule no matter what. Its innovative design and tough material make it waterproof and weather resistant. Hence it keeps the feed fresh and dry even during roughest days. 

One of the unique selling points of all products offered by Capsule deer feeders is their lifetime warranty. CAP-200 also comes with a lifetime warranty, however, a few terms and conditions may apply. It gives buyers much-needed and necessary confidence.

It is an automatic deer feeder and lets you program feed dispersal up to 6 times a day. Feeder dispersal duration can also be adjusted according to the need. It gives much greater control and minimizes human labor and effort. 

As it sits on the ground it does not require someone climbing up the ladder for refilling. Anyone, from kids to adults, standing on the ground can refill it just by standing on the ground. 

The automatic feeder kit, which includes a timer and spinner plate spun by the motor, operates on a 6volt recharge battery that comes with it. Solar panel keeps it charged the whole year round which makes it operating almost cost-free. Solar panels charge the battery which further supplies power to the motor and digital panel. 

It is patented technology and all the parts used are specially designed and made for capsule feeders only.

Final Verdict

You can take your kids with you on hunting and let them fill the feed in it without worrying about the climbing or the weight. Its low Centre of gravity is what allows it to stand still even when attacked by animals, which saves your feed, time, and money. It is, undoubtedly, one of the best you can get.

The future of game feeders – Capsule Feeders is a creative solution to game feed, with an emphasis on health, longevity and performance. The 500-pound Deluxe Capsule Feeders feature an extremely robust, roto-moulded initial design with an integral frame. This feeder comes with a high duty solar panel, a Metal Spinner Cover, a Steel Filling Bottle, a Timer & Battery Pack, and a Lifetime guaranteed. It is available in different sizes and is specifically designed for use. Its base is integrated with the ability to mount the fire, hence, no complex hardware needed. Made in America, it is a top-rated Capsule feeder. This product is particularly liked for is capacity. 500lbs lasts long and provides optimal gap between refilling days. 


  • It is user-friendly as it’s easy to maintain, fill, assemble, and carry
  • It has a built-in solar battery and the HDPE lightweight structure provides the highest quality
  • It is a heavy duty capsule with a convenient and easy-to-manage timer
  • It holds only up to 400 pounds of corn and is expensive

CAP-500 also known as Original Deluxe Capsule Feeder, is one of the first deer feeders developed by capsule deer feeders. As the name suggests it can hold up to 500lbs of feed, which is quite a lot and only few of the other generic deer feeders have this capacity. 

Before digging further into its specifications lets know what a complete package of CAP-500 includes. Each package which you buy includes a 12volt solar panel, steel refill cap, metal spinner plate, timer and battery kit, HDPE capsule and limited lifetime warranty. It is incredible how it comes with so much, a lot of which have been bought separately for other feeders. 

Original Deluxe Capsule Deer Feeder has a unique and innovative roto-molded design. Capsule structure is made up of HDPE which makes it more durable, light than steel and easy to move around as compared to other metallic deer feeders available on the market. It is completely rust free and practically indestructible. 

It is one of the safest deer feeders available on the market. It’s safety comes from its low centre of gravity. It sits on the ground with a super wide base which lowers its centre of gravity. Such a huge structure with strong build material and low centre of gravity is really difficult to topple even for huge animals like bears. HDPE capsule and feeder kit being protected by a metallic guard protects the whole assembly  against varmint attacks. 

Base of CAP-500 comes with four handles in total for easy handling. Light weight and handles on the bottom make it super easy for anyone to move it wherever they want. 

To add to the confidence of a buyer, Capsule Deer Feeder offers a limited lifetime warranty with each of its products. It is a sign of great customer service, however few minor terms and conditions may apply. 

It is an automatic deer feeder and its feeder kit allows you upto 6 automated feeding with adjustable feed durations ranging from 1 to 20 seconds each. Feeder kit includes a digital timer, programmer and metallic spinner plate spun by a 12 volt industrial grade motor. Not to surprise, motors and other components such as digital timer operate on DC power source which is a rechargeable battery in this case. A 12 volt solar panel which comes with the package keeps it charged the whole day. It means there is minimal need for human intervention once it is properly set up and put into operation. 

As it sits on the ground with a refill cap at a very reasonable height, it does not require anyone to climb up the ladder to refill the capsule. 

Technology used in capsule deer feeders is patented with all its parts specifically designed to be used in capsule feeders only.

Final verdict:

It is one of the highest-quality game feeders. Capsule feeder parts are individually and specifically designed to match the wants of the hunters and gamers. It is equipped with a timer, a solar panel, a tool kit with screws for the tires, and all the other necessities you will need. A must-buy product for enthusiasts!

Easily assembled and filled, it is one of the classiest feeders you will buy. It is made of UV resistant polyethylene plastic and has a warranty of two decades. Designed in 2016, it caters to all the problems and demands of contemporary hunters. It has a steep base for convenient emptying with two cleaning plugs; one at the bottom and other at the side. Featuring 800 lb. capacity it is 54 inches tall and 40 inches wide. When empty it only weighs 100 lbs., which makes it quite easy to use. It dispenses the feed at the speed of ⅓ pound per second. It also has heavy-duty handles to move it around. It is one of the biggest deer feeders available on the market, capacity wise. If  are looking to feeder deer really deep inside the woods and can not visit very often for refilling than this is surely the one for you.

  • Excellent feeder control
  • Includes a solar panel
  • It offers a complete kit so you don’t need to scrutinize markets for accessories
  • Feed can include corn, milo, and proteins
  • It is extremely large and heavy making it hard to carry and set up
  • Does not include hog rings or anchor kits

As the name suggests Cap Feeder 800Lb or CAP-800 can hold up to 800lb of fresh feed in its tank or what we commonly refer to as a “ capsule”. 800lbs feed is a lot and can last for weeks without needing any refilling. It is particularly useful if someone is looking to feed a large herd or place a feed that is much farther away in the woods. 

Capsule Feeder is known to provide the best value for money which is also evident by what comes within the package when you buy a CAP-800 deer feeder. A typical package contains a steel fill cap, heavy-duty 12V battery, motor, metal spinner plate, timer/battery kit, automated feeder kit, and last but not least a lifetime limited warranty. 

Its structure is made up of HDPE which is hard plastic. It is much lighter in weight which not only makes it much lighter than steel but also very easy to move. HDPE is a rust-proof material which means this capsule deer feeder is also rust-proof. One thing very important to note here is the fact that its base rests on a semi-truck tire of semi-truck. The diameter of the tire is usually between 22.5” to 24”. The tire does not come with the package and has to be bought separately. 

Despite being huge in size, it has a very low center of gravity because of its wide base and ground resting position. A low center of gravity means more stability hence it is much stable and safer against animal attacks of rash weather. Tough HDPE material keeps vanities out and does not allow any animal, such as squirrels, to drill holes in it. It is designed to be water and moisture-proof which keeps feed dry and fresh even in humid and rainy weather. 

CAP-800 comes with a lifetime limited warranty, which means if it does not live up to the promised standard you get compensated for it. A lifetime warranty adds to the confidence of the buyer and one feels safe while making a huge investment. Some terms and conditions may apply which is an absolutely normal practice. 

It is an automatic deer feeder which lets you program feed dispersal up to 6 times a day for adjustable durations. Huge feed capacity coupled with programmable automatic feed dispersal takes off huge loads of manual labor and stress. Heavy-duty 12V motor spins a metallic spinner plate and disperses feed all around whenever it is scheduled. The 12V battery and other electronics, such as the programmable panel, operate on a 12-volt battery which is charged with a solar panel. The solar panel comes with it and keeps it charged throughout the day. Practically this deer feeder has no operational costs in terms of power consumption. 

It sits on the ground which means it does not require someone to climb up the ladder with a bag full of feed to refill the capsule. Anyone standing on the ground can refill it without any hassle.

Final Verdict:

Answering all your problems and catering to all your needs, this feeder has it all. It protects your valuable and expensive from spilling out and resists chipping and rusting even after years of use. It is the best capsule feeder to buy when you are on a budget.

It is one of the most used and bought capsule feeders for deer. It is easy to fill and has a carrying capacity of 100 lbs. You don’t need to climb up any stairs or pick your feed up to fill the feeder. It is lightweight but is resistant to tipping off, rusting, and other such problems. Uniquely programmable, you can feed it up to 6x per day. It is made of heavy-duty roto-molded plastic and has a built-in varmint guard. To power it, manufacturers use a 60mA, 12V solar panel, which keeps it charged for days. It has a 360-degree broadcast and its green color attracts deer even at night.

  • Ground-level feeder easy for everyone to fill in
  • 20 year limited warranty
  • A tool kit included in the package
  • Complies to a first-in first-out feed cycle
  • Built-in handles for easy moving
  • Carries up to 900 lb feed, 100 lbs less than the said capacity

CAP-1000 is one of the biggest automatic deer feeders available on the market. It can easily hold up to 1000lbs of feed, which is a lot and can last for weeks without needing any refilling. It not only holds so much feed but also keeps it dry and fresh. This is the biggest and most reliable deer feeder Capsule has to offer. Users particularly choose it when they need to feed a large herd or can’t perform frequent refilling. 

Such a big deer feeder comes with a package that suits it. The package of a CAP-1000 includes a solar panel, 12V heavy-duty motor, metal spinner plate, steel fill cap, timer/ battery kit, and lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty may come with some terms and conditions. 

Like most of the products by Capsule Deer feeders, its main structure is also made from HDPE. HDPE is hard, tough, and very light in weight. This means it offers much higher strength, durability and is also much lighter in weight as compared to stainless steel. Being light in weight makes it easy to move from one place to another. HDPE is a plastic material, which means it does not get rusty. Being rust-proof increases its life to a great extent. 

The huge size, ground resting position, and low center of gravity make it very stable and hard to topple. Big animals like bears can neither topple it nor break it. Low center of gravity under 1000lbs of feed weight becomes hard to topple. It becomes nearly impossible for feed to go to waste. Its design makes it waterproof and moisture can not get in. 

Like most deer feeders of this capacity, it is also an automatic deer feeder. It comes with an automatic deer feeder kit, which consists of a motor, metallic spinner plate, programmable electronic panel, and much more. You can disperse feed up to 6 times a day. Each feed dispersal can have an adjustable duration. The feeder kit operates on a DC current which is provided by the battery. The solar panel which comes with the feeder keeps the battery charged throughout the day. 

Despite being so huge, it sits on the ground and does not need a climbing ladder to refill the feeder. Any adult can stand on the ground can fill the feeder.

Final Verdict:

Earning the distinction as a top-rated capsule feeder, this model features a proprietary capsule architecture that practically stops animals from knocking down the structure. It sits flat on the field, helping you to fill the feed from the air. Given its large size, it is lightweight and quick to push, so you won’t have any issues moving it to your deer feeder.

The tripod auger capsule combines the qualities of capsules and tripods and are available at affordable rates. They have a throughput capacity of 100 lbs. per minute. You can fill the feeder with corn or pellets. It has a 12V motor, 20 Amp battery installed in it and weighs only 39 lbs, making it super easy to carry around. It has a pretty decent assembly module and reaches 128 inches in height when assembled, whereas it is 68 inches tall when disassembled. The awesome auger is installed on most barrel feeders, enabling you to comfortably fill tripod feeders up to 9 ft. high and reducing the dangers involved with bringing feed up ladders. You will fill a regular barrel feeder for the tripod in less than 5 minutes!

  • Unless other tripod feeders, it is user-friendly and allows you to easily fill it without extensive labor
  • It has super durable batteries and a lifetime warranty
  • Auger doesn’t go down into the hopper

Final Verdict:

An ideal and most wanted blend of feeders. Impossible to tip-off and easy to fill in, it is a genius product for all Hunters. Its featherweight but the durable structure and convincing price are the best parts of it. It is safe to say that it is a top-quality deer feeder.

It is perfect for hunters who want the Capsule feeder system with the advantage of a metal tank. Through using the traditional 55 gallon drum as a foundation with the strength of the Capsule system, this feeder is a perfect option for those trying to save energy. It holds 400 pounds of corn and proteins. The structure is uniquely integrated and includes extra-thick base, plugs, and handles. The extension ring, which is innate to the structure, is also durable. It follows capsule technology; first-in, first-out and has a lifetime warranty. You also get to have a timer, battery, and additional solar panel in the feeder.

  • Metal barrel that makes it safe and indestructible
  • Easy to fill and maintain
  • Timer management is user-friendly and offers subsequent filling of the feed
  • It is a DIY version
  • Includes solar panel and a battery
  • It is not durable as metal is prone to rusting
  • It is heavy and hard to carry when travelling.

Final Verdict:

It is one of a kind when it comes to strength, durability, and easy filling. This on-ground feeder lets you do the job without any problem and can be bought at a great price. It is built with patented capsule technology, with the addition of a metal casing.

It is a good choice for hunters who prefer easy-to-operate and strong feeders. It contains 400 pounds of maize and protein. The system is beautifully built and contains an extremely thick foundation, connectors, and handles. It is fully automated; all you have to do is set it up, turn on the timer, and wait! Its base is designed to ignite the fire itself, without the need of heavy machinery.

  • It is a DIY version so you can assemble it yourself
  • Fairly cost-effective and provides all standard features of a quality feeder
  • Has a complete tool-kit with additional accessories
  • Barrel is not included in the DIY version

Final Verdict:

A complete set with all the deer feeder parts, it is a top-notch product according to the best capsule deer feeder reviews. It is easy to maintain, set, and disassemble. With it, you don’t need to worry about varmints, animals tipping your feeder off or getting your feed wasted. If you are okay with a little weight, this is an ideal feeder for you.

Best Automatic Deer Feeder- Buyer’s Guide

The Outpost Feeder is a good option for the hunters on the move. It can hold up to 20 pounds of feed but weighs 25 lbs only. The Outpost is easy to bring far into the jungle. The supplied carrying bag makes it easy and comfortable to transfer the feed. With the provided Outpost Feeder timer, exclusive batteries, and motorized feed system, you can select your feed times and levels (up to twice daily), holding your game in the field for around three weeks. The 4 AA batteries last for 9 months but are not included in the package. It does not leak water or feed satisfying all the needs of the hunter.

  • Can choose the feeding time twice a day
  • Cost-effective and guaranteed quality
  • Improved motor and other components
  • Throws feed in a 5-10 foot radius
  • The feed lasts at least 20 days
  • It is large and difficult to assemble
  • Batteries are not included in the package

Final Verdict:

If you want a slim and smart feeder that’s easy to carry around while travelling, this product is for you. Its throwing range is impressive owing to its height and is resistant to tipping off and rusting. It is surely, one of the top considerations when it comes to cost-effective feeding solutions.

The Mossy Oak Gamekeeper Feeder is perfect for a hunter who needs to feed the animals on their land without requiring assistance from someone else. It’s a single human feeding the system. Two unparalleled brands; capsule feeders and mossy oak gamekeeper comes up with a product that remains unbeaten in terms of quality and efficiency. It holds 100 lbs of corn and other feed and has a lifetime warranty. Similar to all other top choices, it comes with timer, battery, and solar panel installed. It weighs 10lbs when empty and is designed according to the latest capsule technology; first-in, first-out cycle. The packaging includes the hardware, 12 volt battery, motor, auger, spinner plate, varmint guard, and solar chargers.

  • It has holes in the base, which allows you to anchor with rebar or T-posts
  • Dispenses ⅓ pounds corn per second
  • Made of durable UV-resistant plastic, which makes it featherweight
  • Holes in base results in spilling of the feed if not taken care of

Final Verdict:

It is an ideal feeder that allows you to sit and fill. No need to climb stairs, no need to stand and wait for it to be filled. It lets you be easy and comfortable while doing the job. It is one of the most innovative capsule game feeders.


The most critical problem that emerges here is how to pick only one feeder from too many. It becomes a tedious job if you don’t have the correct support and assistance. Hence, to make it easy for you, here are some factors one must consider to buy the best capsule feeder.


Capsule feeders come in a variety of feeding capacities. From 100-1000 lbs, you can choose the product according to the frequency of hunting and the weight you want. A standard 500 lbs feeder can stay months without the need to refill. The options available for you are 100, 200, 400, 500, 800, and 1000 lbs.


If you want it right in the center of the forest or in a hilly place, make sure that the commodity you are buying suits the position where you’re going to put it. For example, in an even, rough landscape, you’re going to need something stronger and more stable. Your location also impacts your refilling process.


It is important to consider whether or not the device will handle all forms of weather conditions. Most of the capsule feeders are structured with UV-resistant, rust-resistant, and harsh weather-resistant plastic that helps it last long.

Another important factor is the fear of being tipped off or torn apart by wild animals. Our choice of capsule deer feeder should have a low center of gravity, which allows the hunter to get rid of worrying about animals tipping off the feeders.

The mechanical and electrical parts are a must to consider before buying a top-rated capsule feeder. Make sure it has a complete kit included in the package and has innate batteries, timer, and solar panels. It is even better if the feeder has handles and a steep base for easy filling. 

Some of the essential parts of a capsule feeder you must be familiar with are metal spinners, motors, safety pins, couplers, wing bolts, solar panels, augers, timers, spacers, bear proof cages, batteries, powerhead caps, metal replacement fill caps, and other accessories. Not all of these parts are installed in all tanks but some of the crucial ones like the electrical components must be checked before making up your mind. The hog rings, remotes, anchor kits, varmint resistant tanks, cleaning plugs, and handles are some of the important mechanical parts.

Ease of setup

It is one of the most important factors to check, particularly if you’re hunting. That is because the more complex it becomes to construct the piece, the more uncomfortable it would be. You don’t want to waste time fidgeting around and miss out on all your hunting opportunities. Therefore, make sure that the machine you are purchasing is easy to mount and connect. The individual capsule deer feeder parts must be of high quality and complement each other. Usually, when buying online, it becomes a difficult task to access this factor. You need to be careful with the choice and satisfy yourself before buying. It is not only easy to setup but also easy to move around, its wheel like shape allows it to be rolled almost anywhere. 


Lastly, the cost of your product is important. Buying an expensive product that is heavy is justifiable when one is going for a bigger hunt and broader scope. Hard to find deer often require feeders which are expensive. On the contrary, if the hunter is trying to hunt down easy prey a cheaper and lighter feeder is recommended. A standard CAP-100 will work fine for this purpose. So, make sure your decision is cost-effective and efficient.


Q1. How far does the outpost feeder spread feed?

A. The outpost feeder is ideal for throwing feed as it dispenses it a good 5-10 foot away.

Q2. How long does the feed last without the need of refill?

A. It depends on the throwing rate of the feeder but generally 1lb of feed lasts for a day.

Q3. Which feeder is the best choice for seasonal hunting?

A. Capsule feeders with capacities of 200 lbs are fine if you don’t hunt frequently. They are easy to assemble and have enough capacity to serve you well.

Q4.What is special about automated capsule feeders?

A. Unlike standard feeders they disburse feed with auger technology and standard 12V batteries, which leaves nothing in the feeder.


To summarize, capsule feeders are the contemporary solutions to deer-hunting problems. These are designed brilliantly to satisfy the hunters. The capsule design makes it possible to carry large feed capacities in normal-sized containers. The material used for casing and base is top-notch and makes it weather and rust-resistant.

Moreover, the hunters need not to worry about finding a place to hang the feeders as these can be placed on the ground. The lightweight yet strong structure allows it to stand even if animals attack it. These are the best choices for saving time, money, feed, and effort. These are definitely one of the Best Deer Feeders on the market.