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Best boss buck feeder – Buyer’s Guide

People who manage wildlife prefer Boss Buck feeders owing to their reliability and durability. These are perfect to own as they help preserve your feed and protect it from weather, rodents, and other abiotic stresses. These are strong in structure, which keeps them from falling over and spilling feed in case a large animal attacks them. For the past few decades, Boss Buck has been committed to the growth and creation of the most innovative feeder systems available in the market. Feeders are designed to satisfy the needs of everyone interested in wildlife — a hobbyist through the most accomplished skilled game managers. The best Boss Buck Feeders are the longest-lasting, most versatile feeding systems. 

Manufacturers are selling a full range of deer feeders, hunting stands, game blinds and feeder accessories. Boss Buck is the maker of the cutting-edge collection of proprietary Non-Typical Animal Feeders and comfortable Shooting Blinds. These are one of the most robust, lightweight, flexible and with exceptional feed capacity hunting feeders currently available. In just a few minutes, conversion from gravity to automatic game feeders is possible, thanks to the convenient boss buck feeder parts. These are really the most accessible, high-end feeders currently on the market!  Comfort Zone Deer Blinds are maintenance-free, compact and super easy to mount. They also sell an unprecedented range of deer feeder, with 55 gallon capacity– including lids and funnels, timers, motors, and more. Their patent shark teeth are the future of wildlife control for deer feeders.  Boss buck blinds are making a name for themselves. These are rated among on of the best deer feeders of 2020.

You can easily convert a boss buck gravity feeder to an automatic one. It may not be considered possible with the typical feeders but by using the boss buck feeder conversion kit, it is not only possible but quite feasible. The installation of a battery and a 6V /12V solar panel strengthens the control mechanism. The motor has a microfiber gasket to restrain humidity and pollen. The no-blow spin bowler cup is raccoon-proof and does not let the wind to strip feed from it. Therefore, these feeders are great if you want the best hunting experience. Our guide aims to make it easy for you to formulate a buying decision. We have analyzed the top feeders according to the boss buck feeder reviews. You can choose which feeder suits your hunting needs and maximize cost-effectiveness. Few products from Boss Buck include shark teeth for deer feeders.  Continue to read to know a lot more about reviews of boss buck feeders.  When compared with other brands such as Capsule or American Hunter, it is always ranked above both just mentioned. 





A. Equal feed distribution
B. Regulated flow rate
C. UV protected liner

A. Galvanized hardware; rust-free
B. Easy & convenient to transport
C. Regulated feed distribution

A. Convertible feeder
B. Easily mountable
C. Compatible with all feeders
A. 4-way feed system
B. Water and rust resistant
C. Small and compact
A. Rust-free 
B. Can hold 1000 lbs weight
C. Can be used with a tripod

All-in-Series Protein Deer Feeders

Best boss buck feeder 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Boss buck is known for its innovation and conversion of gravity and automatic feeders and this protein feeder is an excellent example of this feature. Unlike popular opinions, this feeder does not lack any basic function and has all the features that are present in a supreme-quality feeder. Its construction allows it to be long-lasting. It has multiple feeding ports and is easy to set up. You can also utilize it to attract the big animals. 

This boss buck deer feeder is maintenance-free and its hopper configuration gives you versatility of use in all seasons. The Specially Built Head has a 10° angle and hangs on 4 degree ports. Each port has a hole to diffuse any water entering the tip of it. Its design features an inner cone that delivers the feed equitably to the three terminals. The 3-way internal jacket helps the operator to regulate the feed circulation of all feed sizes and shapes. Shut off the feed flow or ease it away to get the optimal flow of your favorite type of game feed.

  • It has three feeding ports for equal feed distribution
  • The flow rate of feed can be regulated in the gravity system
  • The lid prevents condensation of water due to its double-walled design
  • It has a UV protected internal plastic liner
  • It can be converted to automatic feeder
  • It has small feeding capacity
  • The conversion kit is not included in the box

Final verdict: 

The three-way feeding options, super-easy conversion, and the perfect cost and value optimization make it a perfect choice to buy. You can control the feed rate in the automatic system and can benefit from the gravity system when batteries are not working. These features make it a top rated boss buck feeder.

All-in-Series Automatic Deer Feeder

Best boss buck feeder 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

This 200 lbs. feeder is the best! It is the most user-friendly, robust wildlife feeder system available. The double walled latch lid tops this device in design and feature. It allows the hopper system to breathe, reducing condensation and at the same time reaching ambient temperatures higher than steel or fiberglass feeders. It is a smaller version of Boss Buck feeders and can be bought at the best price on boss buck feeders. Users usually question that with just 200 lbs of feed, we would often need to refill it, but the automatic system makes sure that it doesn’t happen.

Its hoppers are made with the same technology and processes as kayaks are made and don’t rust or break easily. The feeder is also resistant to UV light adding to its durability. The boss buck feeder conversion kit can be bought separately to turn it into gravity or automatic feeder whenever required. 

  • Its hardware is galvanized, which makes it rust-free
  • Its small size makes it easier and convenient to transport and be used in remote locations
  • The timer in the automatic system regulates the feed distribution
  • The battery and conversion kit are not available with the product and have to be bought separately

Final verdict:

Ideal for remote use, these feeders are a great deal if you are not a frequent hunter or want to carry your feeder in remote areas. The small size and capacity is not a problem if you know how to manage the feed rate using the timer. Buy a conversion kit and a battery and complete your boss buck deer feeder.

Auto Feeder Conversion Kit

Best boss buck feeder 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

This wide 12 volt kit comes with a high motor controller and a swinging door strap. It utilizes a 12 volt rechargeable battery which has a solar cell installed on the Boss Buck container or a conventional barrel installed solar panel. Highly durable steel supporting plate and 1/4″ – 20 thumbolts fasten and disconnect the non-Typical 350, 600 or 1200  lbs. model feeders. The brilliant design allows the solar cell to be installed right after the feeder has been loaded. Simply move the conversion package to the location where the most ambient sunlight is obtained every day for optimum results. Timer holder causes the device to stand upright. The box is made of stainless steel and has a powder coat finishing for an amazing look and durability.

  • It allows you to convert from gravity to automatic feeders and vice versa in no time
  • Mounting it is extremely easy
  • It is compatible with all models of boss buck feeders
  • It has to be bought separately and gets clogged when throwing protein feeds

Final verdict:

Converting feeders to most convenient types has been a dream and the boss buck feeder conversion kit makes that dream come true in seconds. All you have to do is purchase it, mount it with the feeder, and convert it. It is a great choice if you want to hunt all-year without fearing seasonal or geographical changes.

Gravity Head 4 Way

Best boss buck feeder 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

The patent gravity feeding system of boss buck is a compact yet resourceful feeder. It has moisture and rust-resistant structure that is feasible for any hunter of the wild. The custom designed head has a 10-degree angle and an overhand of 1’’ on the ports. These four ports have a drain hole each, which disperses off any water that enters the port tip. Also, the internal cone makes sure that the feed is evenly distributed to all ports and ultimately in all directions. 

It is available in multiple colors and is at a lower price than its competitors. The machine has 8′′ 4′′ I.D ports. With the proprietary Protein/Gravity Collar, you have the best free-choice feed system currently on the market. The modifiable height of the inner sleeve allows users to monitor the feed flow in nearly all feed sizes and shapes. Move it all the way to completely cut off the flow, or ease it down before you have the optimum flow of your favorite form of critter food.

  • It is a four way system that distributes feed evenly
  • The system is water and rust resistant
  • It is small, compact, and easy to set up
  • The adjusting screws to control the feed flow are not durable

Final verdict:

Boss buck gravity heads are utilized to distribute feed in all angles without utilizing a motor or a spinner. It is a great choice for wild areas where you can put it on trees and prevent it from animal attacks.

Black Hanging Bail 55-Gallon

Best boss buck feeder 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

This hanging bail is perfect for those who don’t want to spend much on hunting equipment and yet have a great experience. It works great if you own a 55-gallon trunk and are willing to use it as a deer feeder. You can hang the barrel with it and if hanged properly, there is no way your feeder is going to fall, even if it is a windstorm or an animal attack. It is strong and has 1000lbs load capacitypulley, allowing you to easily hang 55-gallon drums on it and re-use it when required. 

The bail is made of steel, which concerns some hunters as steel is prone to rusting but this bail has a powder coat finish to prevent such problems. Also, with the 1000 lbs pulley, you can uplift almost 900 lbs. of force easily. It comes with complete mounting hardware so all you have to do is get a drum and fix it on the bail.

  • The powder coating prevents it from rusting
  • The pulley can hold up to 1000 lbs of weight
  • It can also be used with a tripod or a winch
  • The drums have to be bought separately

Final verdict:

According to boss buck feeder reviews, it works fine and has a sturdy structure. It is a quality product. It takes some time to assemble but once it is done its convenient to use.


Boss buck feeders are ideal if you need high quality at amazing prices. But choosing among these is a troublesome task. Following are some factors that you need to consider before shaping your buying decision. 


When you are out for shopping, you are going to look for the ideal size and the overall capacity of the product. It is a crucial factor because you need to make a smart choice here. While large feeders do not need refilling often, these weigh more, are difficult to carry around, and very troublesome to set up. On the contrary, small feeders are easy to set up but have to be refilled frequently if you like to hunt more often. The number of deer you target is one determinant of this factor. If your aim is to hunt one or two deer, small feeders are great for you but as your target count increases, so does the feeder’s capacity requirement. Boss buck feeders offer vast range capacity options, you can choose what suits your budget and other decisive factors.


Along with capacity of the feeder, the location is also an integral factor. If your feeder is located at a place, from where it is easily accessible, then small feeders are good to go. It is so because you need to keep an eye on small feeders as they are prone to be tipped off by animals. However, if you don’t have time for that or you can’t keep a check on the feeder, the larger ones are a better choice. The larger feeders are difficult to transfer and set up. This is a problem you won’t have to face with the smaller ones. Talking about location, it is also important to keep the hunting zones in mind before buying the best boss buck feeders. If you are hunting in a remote area, smaller feeders will do the deal for you.


No hunter would want that the feed he buys for deer is eaten by other animals but putting a sign saying ‘only for deer’ is not going to work. If animals have access to your feeder, they will definitely eat the feed. To prevent such problems you must check the stability and durability of the feeder. Check if the legs of tripod feeders are strong, the drum is made of tough material, and the system is resistant to bending. Strong feet are the main requirement as they protect against animals and other natural problems like sinking into the mud or instability. 

Also make sure that your feeder is varmint proof. Raccoons and other animals tend to sneak in the feeder and eat your feed but the best feeders ease your tensions and keep such animals out. These are also weather-proof and moisture-resistant to keep the excess water out. Lastly, be sure that all mechanical and electrical parts installed in the feeder working perfectly. If you are going for a gravity feeder the electrical parts like motor or battery doesn’t matter but if you are looking to convert it into an automatic feeder and back to gravity feeder on and off, you must check that the electrical parts are compatible with the feeder of choice.  Boss buck deer feeder parts are known for their superior quality. They are light in weight, robust in build and cheap in pricing. 

Gravity or Automatic

Most feeders are either automatic or gravity fed but boss buck allows you to convert any gravity feeder into an automatic one with the proper kits and skill. You may be thinking what is meant by automatic and gravity. These terms deal with throwing the feed. In gravity feeder feed falls out of the hole or outlets of feeder under the force of gravity with any special mechanism. You can control the amount of feed you put inside but once it starts throwing the feed, there is nothing you can do. 

However, automatic feeders control the output by regulating the feed. It is done through a timer and a motor. Also, if you want to keep your feeder away from the wild animals, automatic feeders are preferred as they can throw feed further as compared to the gravity feeders. Gravity feeders are lightweight as compared to the automatic feeders but that is not a concerning factor.  Quality of deer feeder parts is one of the biggest deciding factor among two types. 

Ease of setup

Choose the feeder that is easy to assemble, mount, and use. If you are hunting in an area full of wild animals, you would not want to spend much time in the hunting zone fixing or assembling your feeder as it is dangerous and foolish. So go for the ones that are easier to manage.


Lastly, whatever the brand you choose, quality is the most essential factor you and every other hunter needs. But if you have a broader outlook, you would also think about your expense goals before you spend on the feeder. If you hunt frequently, costly feeders are a good option but if you hunt seasonally or less often, choosing the expensive feeders is ultimately a bad choice.