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All There is to Know about Capsule Deer Feeders

Capsule Deer Feeders

What is a Capsule Deer feeder?

With the rapidly increasing demand for deer feeders for hunting purposes, new technology is developing to make them more and more effective. The capsule deer feeder is an innovative spin to the traditional deer feeder technology. These devices are made of rugged and durable material, sufficiently reliable to withstand extreme weather conditions and wear. The device sits on the ground, unlike the tripod feeders. This makes it stable enough to avoid being knocked over by animals. The device includes a feeder cage that fends off varmints, such as raccoons.

How do Capsule Deer Feeders Work?

Capsule deer feeders use auger-driven technology to bring up the feed bottom and throw out the feed to a distance of up to 20 feet. The motor at the end of the container is auger-driven. It spins and throws out the corn. The feed that is not used falls back into the feeder. Therefore, there is no risk of bears or varmints coming around to snatch some feed. This also prevents wastage.

Top Rated Capsule Deer Feeders

ProductsPower sourceFeed capacityVarmint guardMaterialColor
Capsule feeders  CAP-25012V, 60mA solar panel250 poundsYesAluminumGreen
Capsule game feeders CAP-20012V, 60mA solar panel200 LBYesAluminumGreen
Capsule game feeders CAP-500 LB hunting12V, 60mA solar panel100 LBYesRoto-molded plasticGreen
Capsule-Feeders-800-Pound Game feeder12V, 60mA solar panel800 LBYesAluminumGreen
Capsule feeders CAP-1000 LB Hunting Game12V, 60mA Solar panel100 LBYesRoto-molded plasticGreen
BA-AUG-100 Auger Tripod feeder12V, 60mA solar panel100 PoundsYesAluminum
CAP-BAR capsule 55 Barrel400 LBYesMetal drum
CAP-BAR automated feeder400 LBYes
OUT-100 Rhino Outpost feeders4AA batteriesUp to 20 poundsYesPlasticGreen
Gamekeeper CAP-10012V, 60mA solar panel100 LBYesHeavy-duty Roto-molded plasticGreen

Capsule Feeder Reviews

Capsule deer feeders are some of the cheapest, most feasible, easiest to use, and most durable products in their category. These products are some of the most popular choices for hunters today because of their contemporary technology and modern design. With these feeders, you can save not only money but also time. Customers have reported these to be super easy to use and maintain. Ease of setting it up, durability, and convenience make these a very innovative solution to the problems of other deer feeder types. Although customers have complained that the feeders include no straps, they can be bought from any store easily. In all, these feeders are some of the most durable and convenient options for hunters. Their circular shape with rigid build allows them to be rolled from one place to another.

Capsule deer feeders make use of conventional and innovative technology. These auger-driven feeders not only disperse seeds with great effectiveness, they also prevent wastage. Their built-in varmint traps keep varmints out and prevent wastage. So if you are wondering if capsule feeders are any better than others, the answer is a definite yes!

Capsule Feeder Parts

Parts of Capsule game feeders are readily available in the market so repair or maintenance is not an issue. Some of the most important parts are as follows:

Solar Panel

The solar panel, available at an average price of $40, is a power source for a rechargeable battery to power the capsule feeder. When attached to the feeder, it works as the power source for the auger and other electronic circuitry . It can easily be connected to a 12V rechargeable battery. Solar panels, in general, can last quite long. Their glass and frame are very sturdy, although the solar cells themselves are fragile. At present, there are many solar panels available in options to choose from.


Augers are high-density polyethylene devices used in capsule feeders. They are the main component in the seed dispersal mechanism. The auger-driven motor spins to throw out corn or seeds at specified intervals. It pushes out the corn to the top of the capsule feeder. There are numerous augers currently available in the market, with an average price of $70. If the correct safety procedures are used, installing a new auger is quite easy. Augers of the right material can last quite long and can withstand a lot of wear.

Bear Proof Cage

A barbed varmint and bear cage is a part that can be used with capsule deer feeders. These prevent bears and other varmints from pulling the top of the reservoir or pushing the device around. Bear-proof cages usually cost around $100 and are readily available in large amounts in the market. These are quite sturdy and cannot be moved around by animals. Installing them requires no complicated procedure. They just have to be adjusted over the capsule deer feeder.

Hog Ring

Since capsule deer feeders are placed on the ground, they are vulnerable to damage by animals like bears and hogs. The hog ring is a heavy-duty metal ring that is fixed around the bottom of the feeder. The plastic at the bottom of the feeder is vulnerable to damage by hog tusks. The hog ring prevents this. The hog ring costs around $65 and a number of options are available in the market.

Capsule Feeder Assembly

A capsule deer feeder includes a large reservoir whose capacity varies from product to product. The user is first required to fill the reservoir manually. Since the device rests on the ground, no climbing is needed for refilling it. The reservoir or body of the device is tough and sturdy. It cannot be tripped over easily. When there is feed in the reservoir and the device is switched on, the auger attached to the motor begins to spin.

This spinning motion of the auger drives out the corn from the bottom of the reservoir to the top. The power of the motor drives out the corn from the top of the feeder to a distance of up to 20 feet on the ground. The waste corn that is not dispersed falls back into the container. Most feeders include a heavy gauge steel spinner to prevent critters from entering the container. A varmint guard or a bear-proof cage keeps out animals like bears from stealing the corn or toppling the device over.

Why are Capsule Deer Feeders better than other Deer Feeders?

  • Super Easy to Refill

Capsule feeders are placed on ground level. This means, unlike hanging or tripod feeders, you don’t need to climb to refill the device.

  • Bear Proof

Capsule deer feeders are sturdy in terms of construction and quite heavy. Bears cannot push it around or topple it over. A bear test has revealed that bears can hardly move the device an inch if they try.

  • Durable Construction

Roto-molded plastic is wear proof, and the weight means it cannot be tossed around by animals. The absence of legs also improves durability as legs are likely to rust and break.

  • Very Easy to Maintain

Replacement parts are readily available in the market. Capsule game feeders are very low maintenance because of their design and build quality.

Best Deer Feeder of 2022

Capsule deer feeders are the best choice in the market today because of their modern technology. Their innovative design and features make them much more convenient and durable than others. These are much easier to use, durable, sturdy, and stable compared to tripod, hanging, or automatic feeders.

Capsule feeders solve many problems which hunters might have to face if they use any feeder other than a capsule. It is environmentally friendly and also, does not scare away the animals.

Recent researches have presented that deer find it easy to come closer to capsule feeders as compared to any other conventional deer feeder on the market.