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American Hunter Deer Feeder-Buyer’s Guide

Deer feeders are one of the must-have items for wildlife enthusiasts. If you go on hunting regularly, or possess an interest in wildlife, you should consider looking at the deer feeders. To put their purpose simply, they help in feeding the deer and other wildlife. Most of the time, you will see people using such products in the winter season to supply feed to various animals, assuring that they get the right nutrition. Also, one of their key purposes is to attract animals towards your hunting grounds. If you search the market for these products, you will find American hunter deer feeder in many lists. 

The winter season can be harsh on animals. There are many hunters who miss out on better hunting opportunities just because the wildlife was unable to nourish itself properly and there was no attraction for it. Therefore, they use the deer feeders to attract wildlife which makes hunting much easier for them. Professional hunters tend to use the right models for their games to end up with better hunts.

American hunter feeders are one of the most popular choices in the market. They are likable because of their durability and functionality. The company manufactures various sorts of deer feeders. Here, we will take a look at their different models to help you make the right choice. American hunter deer feeder replacement parts are one of the best and cheapest providing the best value for money.

But before we begin with the picks, there is something that you must know. Most of the time, when using these products, you will face a problem of broken parts. You cannot expect wildlife to use these tools with caution. They are here for the feed and they will do everything they can to access it. Therefore, many times you will find them broken and some of the deer feeder parts may go missing. Thankfully, the best American hunter feeder parts are available to you with ease. Whether you need an American hunter feeder motor or you are searching for other American hunter outdoor parts, you will find many vendors selling these items.

Our Picks for the Best American Deer Feeder




A. Large capacity nesting hopper
B. Quick lock mechanism
C. Industrial motor installed
A. Convenient time adjustment
B. Built-in varmint guard
C. Pre-configured to work with solar panel
A. Digital controls in the product
B. Ready for solar panels
C. No blow slinger installed
A. Easy setup
B. Simple scheduling of feed
C. Little to no maintenance required
A. Durable steel hopper
B. Long galvanized legs
C. Comes with a 6v solar charger
A. One of the best in market
B. Adjustable feed rate
C. Galvanized metal slingers

As you are out to buy the best deer feeder, you need to consider the American Hunter reviews to figure out their best products. This review will help you in making the right choice and select the perfect feeder for your gaming needs.

American hunter deer feeders are hunter's favorite due to big capacity and extreme durability. Find top brand deer feeder reviews here.

The American Hunter 30 Gal Nesting Hopper W/Xde-Pro is a large capacity deer feeder that will fulfill all your gaming needs. It comes with an XDE-PRO 225 30 gallon hopper that carries a digital timer. This EZ-Touch timer allows you to perform configurations related to feed timing. Also, you get a spin plate in this American Hunter automatic deer feeder that has a couple of preconfigured Q-set settings. 

With this machine, you are able to feed the wildlife for 1 to 16 times per day. There are feed rates varying between 1 to 60 seconds per feeding that you can adjust according to your requirements and how many animals are present in the surroundings. Also, no feeder can be up to the mark unless it has water and varmint proofing and this one satisfies the requirements rightfully.

  • 30-gallon large capacity nesting hopper which won’t require frequent fills
  • The high-quality industrial motor that is smooth in its functioning and long-lasting
  • Comes with a quick-lock mechanism to protect the feed
  • Simple twist-lock mounting for quick and easy installation
  • It requires a 6V battery for operation which is not included in the package

Final Verdict

This American Hunter deer feeder is great for those who are looking up to reliable automatic deer feeders. It has a large capacity which assures that you don’t have to refill the contents frequently. Moreover, there is jam protection and a built-in varmint guard to protect your feed. Also, it is easy to install and comes with two preconfigured Q-set settings which makes it a great choice for amateurs and professionals alike.

American hunter 50lb Hanging Feeder w/ AP camo

American hunter deer feeders are hunter's favorite due to big capacity and extreme durability. Find top brand deer feeder reviews here.

Deer look for the spots where they can get a good covering. They are very unlikely to be attracted towards your feeders in open fields. So, getting a feeder that you can place smartly around the hunting grounds to gather wildlife. With the help of American Hunter 50lb hanging feeder w/ AP camo, you can perfectly bait the animals for your hunt.

As it is a hanging feeder, the relocation is never tough and you can change the location whenever you desire without any trouble. Even on the uneven terrains, you are able to place the feeders easily which gives you a range of spots for the placement of your feeders. You get a 1 to 30 seconds adjustable feeder rate to play with and a varmint guard to keep the raccoons away from the feed.

  • Convenient time adjustment with analog timer
  • Feeding capacity of 1 to 24 times a day
  • Built-in varmint guard to keep raccoons and squirrels away
  • Pre-configured to work with the varmint buster BL-VB1 and solar panel BL-R680-S
  • 50 lbs. capacity is not enough for most of the hunters

Final Verdict

This American Hunter deer feeder is probably not the most advanced option in the market. However, it is simple to set up and use and you get decent automatic functionality. The best point about this product is perhaps its pricing, which attracts individuals the most. If you are an amateur hunter and seek an option to lure wildlife towards your grounds, this might be your way to go.

Read the full review here.

American Hunter 225lb Hanging Feeder Digital R-Kit Pro

American hunter deer feeders are hunter's favorite due to big capacity and extreme durability. Find top brand deer feeder reviews here.

For hunters who seek best American Hunter deer feeder for tough windy conditions, the American Hunter 225 lb hanging feeder with digital R-kit pro and varmint buster is perhaps the best option. It comes with a built-in varmint guide to assure that your feed is not consumed by the varmint population in the surroundings. Moreover, if you don’t like the battery power and want to purchase a solar panel for its functioning, you will be glad to find that it is solar panel ready and won’t require alterations. One may ask if American hunter deer feeder parts are readily available? The answer to that is yes these parts are readily available.

The gigantic feeding gallon and ‘no blow’ slinger are perhaps the most notable features of this product. It is made with heavy-duty material for better durability and can resist strong winds to prevent your feeder from being blown away. 

  • The product is equipped with digital controls
  • It is solar panel ready and you won’t require any rewiring
  • There is a ‘no blow’ slinger to help protect your feeder against strong winds
  • You get a varmint buster accessory that is worth $30
  • There are a few problems reported with the battery life of this product

Final Verdict

Considering American Hunter feeder reviews, this product can withstand winds to a good extent. You will be able to hang it around in tough conditions for long. However, the plastic can be improved slightly to make it more durable. Nonetheless, the product receives much appreciation for its durability, capacity, and easy installation.

American Hunter Sun Slinger Directional Feeder Kit

American hunter deer feeders are hunter's favorite due to big capacity and extreme durability. Find top brand deer feeder reviews here.

We look towards addressing the requirements of individuals of all sorts. Some of you may look up to the directional deer feeders. For such individuals, the American feeder sun slinger directional feeder kit can be the perfect solution. It comes with mounting brackets and easy touch digital configuration unit. You can select the days on which you want it to operate and then set the timer for the frequency and duration.

The highlight feature of this product is its power supply. You get a built-in solar charger that works with a 6 volt rechargeable battery to power up the slinger and provide feed for deer. Moreover, the sling movement can send feed up to 15 feet distance which helps you in covering a decent distance while keeping your slinger out of sight.

  • Despite having bracket mounts, the setup of this machine is fairly easy
  • You can schedule the feed easily with the help of digital timer unit
  • It comes equipped with a solar charger that can power up 6 volt battery for operation
  • The product does not require a lot of maintenance
  • It has a unique design and dealing with such layouts can be tricky
  • You need to build your own varmint guard

Final Verdict

The product makes a great option for people who want to buy directional deer feeders. Although there is no varmint guard and you need to build one of your own, the built-in solar panel makes up for this con. However, if you are able to set it up appropriately with some additional attachments, the feeder is likely to serve your hunting grounds for long.

American hunter Tripod Texas Edition Feeder Kit 350lb Multicolor

American hunter deer feeders are hunter's favorite due to big capacity and extreme durability. Find top brand deer feeder reviews here.

For the professional hunters who want to keep feeding their hunting grounds for long, the American Hunter Tripod Texas Edition Feeder Kit can come in very handy. It has a humongous 350lb feed container that can carry feed for many days and you won’t need to refill it. The product is made perfectly for tough grounds as there is a steel hopper with a quick release lid. Moreover, it is made in tripod style so there are 3 legs, each 8 feet high to keep the feeder away from the reach of most of the wildlife.

The package comes with everything necessary for the installation of this feeder, making it easy for you to set up. Apart from the sturdiness and tough build, its motor is also great, 

  • Heavy duty steel hopper is likely to last for years to come
  • 8 feet long galvanized legs that come with metallic mounts and keep container out of reach for most of the wildlife
  • The product comes with a 6 volt solar charger
  • Adjustable feed rate and timing gives you command over feed times and capacity
  • Battery is required for operation but not included in the package

Final Verdict

The American Hunter Tripod Texan Edition Feeder Kit is great for professional hunters who are looking towards a solid option for attracting wildlife to their grounds. It is great for long-lasting use and has almost all the features that you may desire in a feeder. However, the pricing could have been slightly lower to adjust to the needs of everyone.

American hunter 40 LB Bucket Feeder with E-Kit

American hunter deer feeders are hunter's favorite due to big capacity and extreme durability. Find top brand deer feeder reviews here.

Not all individuals are looking up to the catchy and expensive solutions. Some people require simple and old-fashioned options as they meet their requirements thoroughly and American Hunter 40 LB Bucket Feeder with E-Kit is there to satisfy their needs. The product stands amongst the best options for people who look up to traditional game feeders. 

With this feeder, you get a galvanized metal slinger and plastic hopper. The adjustable feed rate gives you flexibility, making it more than just an ordinary bucket feeder. One thing to keep in mind is that you may find the lid tough to get off at first. However, after using it for a while, it will get better.

  • One of the best bucket feeders in the market
  • The product offers immense value for money
  • Adjustable feed rate and galvanized metal slingers add up to the functionality and durability
  • Initially, the lid of the bucket is very hard to get off, and you may struggle with it
  • The first set up is a tough task as there is no instructional manual for setup

Final Verdict

If you want to save money and at the same time attract wildlife to your hunting ground with the appropriate feed you must consider American Hunter 40 LB Bucket Feeder with E-Kit. It is perfect for keeping feed on your grounds at the right time and makes a great addition for amateurs and beginners who are just starting out with their hunting games.

American Hunter 440 Lb Knock Down Feeder

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One of the finest deer feeders ever introduced to the market by one of the best brands available on the market. It is one of the most versatile and complete deer feeders available because of its functionalities and price point. It has powder coated metal body making it extremely durable and long lasting. Once you buy American Hunter 440lb knock down feeder you do not really need to worry about buying its replacement for many years to come.
It is an automatic deer feeder with many unique features. It comes with built-in window to check on feed level inside the tank. As evident by its name it can hold up to 440lbs of feed. It comes with a digital screen and timer that works just fine with 6v or 12v batteries. Test allows you to test the feeder before you actually put it into use. It lets you disperse feed for maximum 8times a day for durations adjustable between 1 to 30 seconds. Speed of motor can be controlled according to the need of situation. Built in charge fuse protects electronics against unforeseen power surges.

  • It is highly functional
  • Provides the best value for money
  • It has a strong build making it super durable
  • Lets you check battery charge and feed level inside the hopper
  • Can be heavy because of metallic body.


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American Hunter always comes up with one of a kind product to surprise its customers.  American Hunter AHSWNLOG Hog Log Feeder 30 lbs has a very unique design, it is a rolling hog log deer feeder. It imitates a natural log of some tree. Feed is filled inside it and needs to be rolled on ground surface in order to extract feed. It can store up to 30lbs of feed, which is a lot for this particular design. Its design lets you connect such multiple deer feeders together to increase capacity if need be. 

It is made up from a very tough plastic material known as ARS plastic. ARS plastic makes it tough enough to withstand harsh weathers and vicious physical stresses and impacts.  It is colored in a camouflage pattern in order to look as natural as possible. It has no electrical or electronics part, making is most suitable for hunters who love very primitive hunting experience. It only weighs 4.4kgs when fully packaged.

  • It is very simple and easy to use
  • It has a very strong and robust build
  • Very light weight and easy to carry anywhere
  • It does not offer wide range of functionalities
  • It can store only 30lbs of feed which is very limited.  

Buyers Guide

Before you finalize your pick, it is essential that you know about the factors that make a deer feeder great. There are many individuals who don’t know what to look for in such products. If it is your first time buying a deer feeder and you have settled on an American feeder, here are a few things to note.


The capacity plays a critical role in deer feeder selection. Most of the American hunter wildlife feeder comes with a decent capacity and does not require frequent refills. However, some will only last for a day or two. Try to avoid feeders that have low capacity and go for the ones that won’t require refilling for at least a few days.


Location refers to where you are going to place the feeder. If you are looking to hang the feeders, you may be better off with bucket feeders. Similarly, the ones that come with locks are better suited for attachment with trees. In case you are going on flat playgrounds where you cannot mount or hand the feeders, the tripod models become better options. 


The top-rated American hunter deer feeders are highly durable and come with a lot of protection. You should try to look for the galvanized feeders that have a sturdy build. Also, there are models in the market that come with steel containers and ‘no blo’ slingers to withstand hard conditions. 

Varmint Proof

One of the reasons why the feed is consumed much quicker is because of the local varmint population. The raccoons and squirrels can eat it up far quickly and make the feed scarce for the deer population. Therefore, you should consider a product that comes with varmint guard and other protective measures to keep varmint population away from consuming the feed. Go for products with built-in varmint busters or at least the ones that give you an option of keeping varmint population away with additional attachments.

Weather Proof

Weatherproofing is essential for the deer feeders as you would wish to keep it dry and mold-free. Mold leads to many illnesses whereas the wet feed gets wasted way more than the dry one. Deer feeders by American Hunter are highly weather resistant. Feed stays dry and fresh minimizing feed wastage. Fresher feed tends to attract more deer. 

Mechanical and Electrical Parts

You need to beware of the mechanical and electrical parts. They should be enclosed appropriately and if something goes missing or out of order the replacement shall be available with ease. Using American Hunter deer feeder, you will be able to establish a secure feeding setup for wildlife and access spare parts with ease.

Engineers at American Hunter design headquarter pay special attention to develop superior quality mechanical parts. Mechanical parts are much lighter in weight as compared to other competitors brand, it is not only lighter but also have higher strength. 

Ease of Setup

Many people run into installation difficulties when it comes to setting up the feeders properly. So, either get feeders that come pre-assembled or select the ones that come with all the necessary tools and hardware for easy installation. People who use deer feeders are often short of time and patience, deer feeder should be really easy to setup. While setting up a deer feeder, in deep woods 


Last but not least, you should consider the cost factor when selecting a deer feeder. As you look towards a good model, you must be ready to pay a decent amount. Do not look towards the costly or cheap options. Instead, establish a budget and compare different deer feeders available in your budget range to select the best one. Always compare in terms of value for money.

About the Company

American Hunter is one of the most trusted brands in wild games. They provide you a lot of tools and products to play with and ease your hunting to a great extent. Apart from the American hunter deer feeder, they provide you all sorts of hunting equipment to level up your game. The company promises quality products at amazing prices, giving you high value for money. Their range varies a great deal to address the needs of everyone. From amateur gaming needs to professional hunting equipment. American Hunter provides you a complete package.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. High-tech or low-tech? Which one is better?

A. Gravity feeders are generally seen as low-tech. They use gravity for the dispersion of food and require less maintenance. Also, they are less expensive. On the other hand, automatic feeders are labeled high-tech as they contain mechanical and electrical components for dispersion of food. To consider the better, you should weigh both in concern with your needs.

Q2. How much feed will a deer eat in a day?

A. The consumption of feed depends on the habitat and conditions in the surroundings. Generally, a deer consumes about 0.75 to 1.5% feed of its body weight.

Q3. How long before deer will start coming regularly for the feed?

A. It is largely dependent on the population of the deer, location of your feeder, and other environmental factors. Generally, it takes around two to three weeks before for the deer to recognize a new feeding site.


Deer feeders are one of the biggest attractants when it comes to hunting. If you are looking to keep wildlife coming at you, you should invest in the right gear and attractants. American Hunter deer feeder ends up being a great option as the company supplies durable products that offer great functionality. Whether you opt for the American Hunter gravity feeder, automatic feeder, or any other option, you are likely to end up having good value for money. Just make sure that you know your needs and weigh the product in comparison with your requirements before you finalize your purchase. Happy Hunting!

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