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American Hunter 50LB Hanging Bucket

American Hunter – Hanging Deer Feeder ReviewAmerican Hunter hanging deer feeder

Deer feeders have become an essentiality these days. Because of their wide usage they are available in various designs, shapes, sizes and functionalities. You can a completely assembled deer feeder or buy individual parts and attach them together according to your needs. However, hanging deer feeders have simplest design and assembly, providing much needed convenience.

American Hunter is a recognized brand very well known for its hanging deer feeders. Among vast range of hanging deer feeders produced by American Hunter, 50LB Bucket hanging deer feeder stands out. It is a complete package in terms of its capacity, functionality and durability.

American Hunter 50LB Bucket- Hanging Deer Feeder

It is pretty obvious that product designers at American Hunter did a great job at identifying needs while designing 50LB Bucket hanging deer feeder:

  • As the name indicates, bucket has 50LB capacity. It is made with very reliable and durable plastic material. Unwanted animals like varmints cannot chew it, providing it resistance against varmints.
  • It is weather resistant and water-tight, meaning feed won’t get moldy and soggy. Weather resistance adds not only to life of feed inside but also to life of deer feeder its self.
  • It has a strong handle at the top, making it easy to carry and hang it anywhere. Handle has a strong build so that it won’t break or fall down when fully loaded with feed.
  • 50Lb hanging deer feeder comes with a digital timer. It enables you to dispense feeder remotely up to 16 times a day for adjustable durations.
  • It needs an electric power source to operate. This power is supplied by 6v volt lead-acid battery.


Among long list of pros of 50LB American Hunter 50LB Bucket Hanging Deer Feeder few are as follows:

  • Easy Installation: It is one of easiest to install deer feeder available on the market. All you have to do it find a suitable place to hang it. Strong handle is already attached to it. Procedure of hanging of deer feeder is pretty straight forward.
  • Capacity: 50lbs is a huge capacity, meaning you won’t have to refill it very often. Saving lots of physical effort and time. You can adjust how long a feed inside bucket should last by scheduling feed dispersal accordingly
  • Power Efficient: It utilizes minimum electrical power and runs on 6v battery. A typical battery can power it for a year without fully running out of charge.
  • Versatility: Its usage is not limited to deer only, it can be used to feeder other wildlife animals as well.


There is nothing perfect in this world and so it true for deer feeder as well. No matter how minor it has few cons which buyers have to deal with:

  • Battery: Battery needs to be bought separately. You will be spending a little more to buy it because battery isn’t included in the package.
  • Raccoons and Squirrels: Raccoons and squirrels might attack it. If you do not have them in  your area you are surely a really lucky person. Proper arrangements should be made to protect the whole feeder assembly from their attack.  

Final Verdict:

When pros and cons are compared on merit, buying 50lb deer feeder is definitely a steal. From its build quality to ease of mounting it is better than the most. It is safe to say that once bought it will word seamlessly for years to come.