Easy to implement ideas for Summer Projects: How to make DIY Deer Feeder

Why do we need Deer Feeders?

Providing supplement feed to nearby deer herd can be very beneficial you, in many ways.  Supplement deer feed is expensive and can easily go to waste. It not only wastes money but also time and effort. Deer feeder should keep feed protected from moisture and wild animals.DIY deer feeder

Advantages of Making Deer Feeder at Home

You can build your own deer feeder at home saving huge amount of money and providing necessary confidence. DIY deer feeders have many advantages such as choice of choosing appropriate size and material to name a few.  You can design and build It according to your budget.

Building material for your DIY deer feeder is the only major cost; it can vary drastically according to your choice of strength, capacity and design. It also depends on stores you are buying these materials from.

DIY Deer Feeder Design Consideration

Few design considerations are very important such as height of roof and trough. It is suggested to find a used second hand metal sheet top to work as roofing.   Sides should be at least 72inches off the ground so that they do not get in the way of antlers of bucks in velvet.
Few other considerations include height of trough, feet of trough, loading capacity, joining materials and many more.  These considerations depend upon capacity and strength of deer feeder you are aiming to build.

  • Capacity should be enough to last few days without feed getting damp.
  • Its dimensions should be ergonomic friendly for easy access.
  • Should be strong enough to last a long time.
  • It should provide animals’ easy access to feed without hassle.
  • Feeder should be safe for animals i.e. it should not have sharp edges or corners.


It is recommended to build a feeder at home that is 5ft long 2ft wide and about 2ft off the ground.  Being 24inches off the ground allows deer easy access without their fawns getting tangled. It is big enough to hold about 200lbs of fresh feed.


Experts strongly recommend feeders big enough to hold 200lbs of feed. 200lbs of feed can last long enough without being stale and damp.  It not only saves feed wastage but also reduces human effort to a great extent.  Capacity is the deciding factor determining how much strength and material is required for DIY deer feeder.


While designing products for wild animal’s special care and attention is required to ensure durability and ruggedness as it should be strong enough to bear brutal charges and attacks by aggressive deer like large male deer.

Easy Access to Feed:

Feed should be clearly visible and accessible to deer. It case of absence of any of prior mentioned virtue, deer flock might not consume the feed or get attracted to it.  So, there should be minimal components and parts blocking the view or obstructing access to feed.

Safe of Animals:

Deer feeders should be safe for animals, meaning it should not cause any physical or mental harm to the animal. It shouldn’t be scary to scare innocent animal way. Its corners and edges should be round and smooth to prevent any harm.

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