Deer Feeder Types

How to Attract Deer by Hanging Deer Feeders?

Why do we need Deer Feeders?

Deer like many other animals of prey, are always moving around different regions in search of food and safety.  It is super hard to make them spend long durations in one spot. Constant movement of deer makes it hard for hunters to locate and take a shot at them.  Once they are done eating at one location they quickly move to another spot within few minutes.  Being Nocturnal animals they become more active at night time.

One way to make them stay or regularly come back to same location is by periodically feeding them through deer feeders.  Hanging a deer feeder gets the job done but hanging it needs some skill. Read more to know how to hang it safely and quickly with minimal effort.

how to hang deer feeder?

How to Hang a Deer Feeder? –  Easy to Follow Instructions

Once you have either bought Gravity Deer Feeder or Automatic Deer Feeder, here are the easy steps you need to sequentially follow:

Gather Necessary tools and Materials:

  1. A small yet reliable measuring tape
  2. A long and durable rope
  3. A reliable carabineer
  4. A 2” long screw with O-ring attachment
  5. Scissors to cut ropes and other unwanted materials
  6.  Drill bit of small diameter
  7. An old hose
  8. A portable and handy drilling machine

Once all the necessary materials are available, follow this step by step guide

Step # 1

First of all identify and mark middle of the feeder followed by creating a small initial hole on the mark. Once the hole is made, insert the O-ring. Please be cautious about cracking of wood of deer feeder.


Next step is to find an ideal location. An ideal spot should have 2 trees approximately 10’ apart covered with bushes around them. Two trees under consideration should have almost same diameter.


Once the trees are identified, measure exact distance between the trees with the help of a measuring tape. After measurement, get a durable rope of 2’ longer than the distance just measure.  2’ extra rope is an allowance for tying the knots.


In 4th step locate center point of rope length and attach it to reliable carabineer. Once this is done, tie an overhand knot around it. After knot is tied, right end of the rope should be on your left and vice versa.


Measure exact circumference of each of the two tree trunks and get a piece of hose, of length same as circumference respectively. Hose should completely wrap/ surround the trunk.  Insert hose through each end of the rope. Aim for hose is to work as a protection of the tree, against any damage.


Step 6 involves tying knots of rope ends around both trees. Make sure carabineer is at the middle of the rope. Keep bottom of the feeder 5’ above the ground or according to whatever deer specie you want to feed.


In final step attach O-ring, screwed at the top of the feeder to the carabineer. This arrangement makes detachment and refilling process much easier.

What to feed deer?