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There are numerous brands producing deer feeders and a wide range of products in the market to select from. Getting the right deer feeder is a crucial factor for hunters. Only reliable gear can give you the necessary edge  while hunting. The decision is so important and the amount of choices make things much more confusing than usual. This guide will serve just the right purpose and make the decision much easier. There are many deer feeder brands and all offer a variety of  deer feeders. This guide lists down and compares the top-rated deer feed manufacturers and brands. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of these brands through this guide you can make a much informed decision.

How to Compare Deer Feeder Brands?

Comparing deer feeder brands and  considering the right factors is vital to make the best decision. When comparing brands in your list of options, consider the following factors:

1. Feeder Types Offered by A Brand

  • Automatic Deer Feeders

Automatic deer feeders eliminate the need for manual work. They scatter corn kernels automatically at specified times. The user only has to set a timer for the day. There are multiple feed time options. Most allow up to 6 times of dispersing feed in a day.

  • Gravity Deer Feeders

The device includes a hopper that carries the feed that can be of varying capacities. These use a very basic technology that involves gravity to dispense the feed. Gravity causes the feed to fall to the port from where the deer feeds.

Capsule feeders are placed on the ground and operate using auger-driven technology. This technology moves the corn from the bottom to the top. These are much more durable, longer-lasting, and easier to operate than other types. The best part is that you do not have to climb to check or fill the feed.

  • Hanging Deer Feeders

Hanging deer feeders, as the name suggests, are hung from a high position like a tree.

A deer feeder brand that offers a range of types is the best option. You want a place that offers everything in one place.

2. Other Factors

When looking for the best deer feeder, keep in mind to look for the one with better durability and build quality. It surely is a hefty investment and you want to spend it on a product that is long-lasting. Warranty offered by the brand on the product is also important because repair can otherwise be very costly. The ease of use of the product is another thing you should consider. Those that are too difficult to fill or check, or require complex operating processes, should be avoided.

This will only make hunting harder for you. Deer feeders to be used in the wild should have a good power consumption and a long battery life to allow for extended periods of hunting. Remember to go over customer reviews to ensure that the product you have shortlisted is worth the investment. Another, perhaps, less significant consideration is customer service. Good customer service is surely a pleasant factor.

Best Deer Feeders Brands

Top Picks for Brands by

American Hunter

Best Deer Feeders Brands

American Hunter is one of the leading choices for wildlife enthusiast hunters. It is one of the most popular choices in the market today.
American Hunter is known for the variety of products it has to offer. From tripod deer feeders and hanging feeders to specialty feeders with digital timer kits, American Hunter has it all. You can also get all necessary accessories like digital timers, solar panels, and solar chargers from here. Such solar technology makes these deer feeders environmentally friendly. Additionally, the brand also offers deer feeder parts. In wildlife, broken parts are common and frequent replacement is a problem.

Product Features

American Hunters is known for its product quality and functionality. Most deer feeders by this brand use a high-quality industrial motor. The motor functions smoothly and is very long-lasting. The heavy-duty steel hopper is also bound to withstand harsh weather conditions. The products are also very easy to install and operate with a simple twist-lock. These deer feeders have a large storage capacity so you don’t have to worry about frequent refills. Some of the deer feeders by American Hunter collection, like GSM AH-SAWN LOG Modular deer feeders, are super lightweight and portable, despite their robust build.

The products have several additional features that make them a great choice. The deer feeders are already equipped to be connected to solar panels. Most of them also include a varmint guard. The mechanical and electrical parts of these deer feeders are well enclosed and safe. Parts are easy to find and replace. Parts have superior build quality and much lighter than you would expect them to be considering their strength.

About the Brand

American Hunters has a diverse collection of products that offer great value for money. Durable build makes the investment worth every penny. Their hunting equipment is available at wonderful prices offering high value for money. American Hunters is perhaps the top most reliable brand for wildlife products. Customers have only ever had good things to say about the brand. Its products are considered a wonderful package encompassing all-important features.



Best Deer Feeders Brands

Moultrie has been in the market for over 35 years and is well recognized for its product durability. It specializes in making excellent-quality deer feeders. Their longevity is perhaps the most appreciated feature.

Moultrie offers a very diverse range of deer feeders that differ in terms of their type, capacity, and design. It has everything from Tripod to gravity and hanging deer feeders.

Product Features

Moultrie deer feeders are an ideal blend of quality, durability, aesthetics, and the upto date technologies. Moultrie deer feeders are super lightweight and very easy to install. Their portability and dismantling allows very easy transportation and handling.

They have wonderful storage capacities that make them super easy to maintain. The tripod deer feeders all have great stability so they would not be knocked down by animals. Impressive battery life helps enhance hunting duration. Most deer feeders have an extended battery life that makes them perfect for wildlife settings.

Its parts include solar kits, digital timers, and many new dispersing technologies that make them stand out. Moultrie deer feeders are lightweight and easy to assemble.

Its motors can disperse feed at a greater distance. Moultrie products are occasionally better priced than other brands in the market.

There are, however, a few drawbacks. Sometimes the lid might be difficult to open, making it hard to operate. Most products also do not have a varmint guard to keep out squirrels or raccoons. You would need to buy a varmint guard separately.

About the Brand

Moultrie is best known for its recognition of hunter needs. All its products meet all the needs of a hunter in the wild. Moultrie manufacturers recognize hunter requirements. The electric parts are optimal and its all-metal housing makes it durable.

Excellent customer service is another selling point of Moultrie. Whenever customers call Moultrie, they are dealt with by a courteous employee personally, not by automated messages. Moultrie’s warranty policy is amazing, building trust among its customers. It offers a 90-day warranty, more than what most other brands promise.

On Time

On time deer feeder brand has been working on making superior wildlife feeders for over a decade. The brand is committed to making the best innovative technology after thorough research.

On time offers a range of products, though their diversity is not as impressive as other brands mentioned above. Its products include gravity deer feeders, attachments  and shakedown feeders.

Product Features

These deer feeders also promise maximum durability and high-quality construction. Their high torque motor and aluminium grade housing design is highly resistant to wear. The design is waterproof, making it ideal for resisting wildlife attacks. These feeders have a great capacity that can last up to 12 feedings a day.

Most have an amazing battery life of up to a year. Couple this with their lifetime warranty, you have one of the best brands in the market. The automatic deer feeders in this collection have a high-speed motor.

Another interesting feature is their quiet operation. A rain skirt is included in some packages as well. The shakedown technology of shakedown deer feeders allows for easy dispensing without any clogging problems.

About the Brand

On time is known for great customer service and many users have praised their ‘on-time’ assistance. Their products are high quality and long-lasting with great warranty options.

On time makes cutting edge technology which puts it way ahead of its competitors . On time has a wide range of prices including both expensive and inexpensive options.


Boss Buck

Best Deer Feeders Brands

Boss deer feeder company has been in operation for the past quarter-century and has improved over the years. They come with some of the most innovative and flexible deer feeders.

Boss buck offers a variety of deer feeder parts from lids and funnels to timers and a lot more! You will find a range of deer feeders, deer stands, blinds, and much more. Their variety is perhaps the most versatile.

Boss Buck brings gravity feeders, automatic feeders, and even convertibles that can switch between the two.

Product Features

Deer feeders by Boss Buck are some of the lightest, most portable, durable, and high-capacity deer feeders you will find in the market.

Their products are some of the most affordable on the market that gives great value as well. The unique two-in-one led system of these feeders allows quick conversion. Its broadcast spreaders disperse seeds in a directional path.

Tough roto-molded plastic exterior and galvanized hardware together promise unparalleled durability. The deer feeders are also perfect for any season because they can withstand extreme conditions. Their walled hatch lid prevents raccoons and squirrels from creating problems.

Its unique gravity deer feeding system is one of the most easy-to-use technologies. Its premium quality galvanized body makes it stand out.

The only drawback is the higher prices compared to other brands.

About the Brand

Boss Buck is a reputable company that many hunters choose when buying deer feeders. Customers only have positive things to say about Boss Buck. They praise its excellent quality material, durability, and toughness. Boss Buck offers an amazing 5-year warranty on most of its products.


Capsule deer feeders are an innovative set of products. Capsule deer feeders offer a unique and innovative design that solves many problems that hunters face.

Product Features

Capsule deer feeders are some of the most portable and easy to carry around feeders in the market. They are slim, smart, and light in weight. Their amazing throwing range makes things even better. These are also very easy to set up. In their product collection, you will find a variety of capacities. From very small deer to large ones, they have it all.

The products are built with weather resistant and durable UV-resistant technology, rust resistant design, and weather-resistant plastic. The products are available at surprisingly affordable prices compared to others. Another important consideration is mechanical and electric parts. Capsule feeders have a complete kit that encompasses all important mechanical parts.

About the Brand

Capsule feeders are an innovative option in the market. They offer new and innovative technology in deer feeders. They are durable, efficient, and aesthetically designed. With a low center of gravity, their unique design is movable and lightweight. Capsule brands are the latest technology in use today.


Wild Game Innovations

Wild game innovations is another one of the top-rated brands for deer feeders. It is recognized for its top-notch quality simple products that are super easy to operate. Wild game innovations offer a very diverse range of products.

Product Features

The products in the collection by Wild game innovations are all renowned for their solid build. The feeders are made up of galvanized steel and a durable poly design. Heavy duty coated legs can withstand any weather. An interesting feature in most products is their programmable feed disbursement times. You can program when the corn is to be dispersed. Its 6V battery-powered control promises a long battery life. Durable, efficient, sleek, and easy to set up, Wild game innovations deer feeders are a good choice for hunters.

The only drawback is the hollow legs.

About the Brand

Wild game innovations is a brand that takes hunting to the next level. It is a reliable and well-established brand working to bring new and innovative deer feeders for hunters.


Having compared different deer feeder brands, it is time to announce the winners.

  • Best deer feeder brand for Value for money: American Hunters offer products at much better price than others in the market and their features, strong build, and durability, make every penny worth the investment.
  • Best deer feeder brand for maximum durability: Boss Buck products are constructed from premium quality galvanized material and a tough plastic exterior that makes them more durable than other options in the market.
  • Best deer feeder brand for reliable design and pleasing aesthetics: Boss Buck products have a strong build that makes them much more reliable. Compared to others in the market, their products also have a unique and aesthetic shape.
  • Best deer feeder brand with most up to date technology: Moultrie’s
    latest features like a programmable digital timer, quick lock technology, a feed level indicator, and UV-resistant plastic parts all make them stand out.
  • Best environmentally friendly deer feeder brand: American Hunters have products that operate on environmentally friendly solar panels.

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