Best Automatic Deer Feeder- Buyer’s Guide


The hunting enthusiasts who are looking for the tools to make their deer hunting super easy must have Automatic deer feeders. If you are buying the feeder for the first time and want to know about the best one so that you can bait deer’s attention towards the feed and easily trap them. For your convenience, we have described the benefits of these feeders and noted reviews on the year’s top-rated products and the buying guide.

Hunters usually face the challenge of finding ways to attract the deer to an open area. It is because deer are skittish animals and might not remain in the same location long enough for a precise shot. Therefore, for this purpose, an automatic deer feeder is the ideal option.

You can also learn how to make an automatic deer feeder at home.

If you want to draw deer out of hiding during hunting, place the deer feeder where you can easily target and hunt it.

How Does Deer Feeder Work?

The automatic deer feeder scatters the corn kernels across the ground at a specific time. Thus it draws the deer out of the scattering bush. It is important to place the feeder strategically, so more deer get attracted towards it. For the best results, place around backyards where they come during the night, hunting property, or recreational area where the deers are inhabitants.

These feeders help you define the corns’ targeted placement on the place that will not interrupt hunting. Do you need a feeder to make hunting convenient? Do you want to keep yourself hassle-free during this adventure?  Buy the feeder, if your answer is yes, that is top-rated and has excellent reviews? Let’s check out the top eight automatic deer feeders of the year; read the reviews, and make a wise decision.

Best Automatic Deer Feeders

The top picked feeders of the year that are easy to set and operate are given below




A. Waterproof material
B. Easy assembly
C. Built-in funnel
A. Built-in varmint guard
B. Easy installation
C. Battery indicator included
A. Weather-resistant plastic
B. Scheduled feeds
C. Waterproof lid
A. Large tank
B. Convenient feed dispersal
C. Maintenance-free plastic
A. Good feeding capacity
B. No batteries required
C. Three funnel system
A. Weather-resistant design
B. Digital timer installed
C. Adjustable feed rate
A. Smart technology operation
B. Flexible and easy placement
C. Durable and efficient design
A. Two built-in gauges
B. Air blower assembly
C. Galvanized steel hopper

Wildgame Innovations Tri-Pod Deer Feeder

Make your hunting super easy by having this high quality and top-rated best deer feeder that can be assembled in just 15 minutes. The tank comes with a 30-gallon capacity. Moreover, it comes with a well-built funnel that allows uniform dispersal of the feed.

The design of the feeder offers a galvanized steel spinner plate which rotates at high speed to spread the corns. The durable poly barrel tank has a water-resistant body that can be kept in an outdoor location without fear of getting rusted.

The machine is battery operated with 6v power. The fully charged machine can run for hours.

For the convenient protein pellet or corn dispersal, you can set feeding time of your choice. You can set four feed duration’s that are 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds. Select according to your preference.

  • The feeder is designed with waterproof material
  • It holds up to 30 gallons of food
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tough galvanized steel spinner plate
  • Built-in funnel to reduce waste
  • The plastic bracket does not provide enough support.

Final verdict

It is one of the top choices for the hunters. In my opinion, it is the perfect option because of the large capacity, high-speed dispersal, and weather-resistant features. You can spend on this incredible feeder without hesitation.

Moultrie 55 Gallon PRO Magnum Tripod


Another automatic deer feeder that is the hunters’ choice is from the house of the Moultrie. The superior grade tank is built with high-grade material to withstand harsh environmental conditions. 

The feeder has an excellent design. It features a steel hopper having the exterior finish and a steel collar with a varmint proof seal. The overall structure is waterproof.

The large tank with 55-gallon capacity is perfect for keeping a large amount of feed inside, hence it will feed many deers at one time. The metal tripod stand is strong enough to bear the weight of a full tank. You can adjust the feed duration between 1 to 20 seconds.

Moultrie automatic deer feeder is a battery-operated, it runs efficiently with a 6v power battery. The Feeder comes with a solar panel. Thus, there is no hassle of charging the batteries with the electric source rather keep it in the sunlight, so it automatically gets charged from direct sunlight.

  • Built-in varmint guard is present
  • Locking legs add stability and sturdiness
  • Installation is easy
  • The battery indicator is makes experience better
  • Water gathers on the lid thus cause rusting of feeder.

Final Verdict

For me, it’s an ideal option because it has an all-metal body with a weather-resistant coating that ensures longevity. Plus, the presence of solar panels makes it power efficient. In short, it is a complete unit for attracting deer’s.

AMERICAN HUNTER 5-Gallon Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder


American hunter automatic deer feeder is a feeder with extraordinary features. The digital system makes its operations more convenient. Although it has far less capacity than other deer feeders yet it is a preferable choice for hunters.

It comes with 5-gallon tanks and is equipped with a beautiful timer. You can adjust the number of feeds that you want to give to the animals. Moreover, the LED light also attracts the herd toward the feeder.

 Thanks to high-grade plastic material that gives it the strength. Moreover, the bucket design enables the user to move it anywhere at any time.

The feeder is easy to use. Just adjust the hopper, set the time, and done. The corns are ready to disperse out to feed the deers. It offers an adjustable feed rate of 1 to 30 seconds, and you can feed animals up to 16 times a day.

  • Made from weather-resistant plastic
  • It provides scheduled feeds
  • Waterproof lid present to keep the feed dry
  • 5-gallon capacity is best for people on the go.
  • On flat top water and debris get collected
  • Segmented lid of bucket is very tight which is difficult to open.

Final Verdict

Well, it is a great feeder and choice of most hunters because of its lightweight and digital system. The robust plastic design makes it reliable and helps you to keep in the outside environment. The attractive design and optimal performance all make it a perfect option to attract the deer towards the trap.

Boss Buck “All in Series Automatic Deer Feeder


The all-in series machine makes boss buck automatic deer feeder one of the best feeders. The easy to assemble and maintain free hopper is very simple to operate. It is an ideal feeder to use in the fall and winter seasons.

The feeder is perfect for use in a humid environment. It is all because of its unique design. It comes with the double-walled hatch lid tops. The main purpose of its design is to keep the inside material mist free. No condensation occurs, and the feed remains dry.

The feeder comes with the honey holes that are efficient in dispersing the sweet corns. It is a heavy-duty feeder that can contain a large amount of feed in. The timer allows you to adjust the time for the feed.

The durable automatic feeder is best to use in remote areas. It is built to be placed directly on the floors. Moreover, for easy placement it comes to the footpads to keep it in position even where the surface is slippery.

  • Large tank for storing the feed
  • Honey holes for convenient dispersal
  • Aroto-molded plastic feeder makes it maintenance-free
  • Double-wall hatch lid to eliminate condensation
  • It is not good for keeping the salted feed in it because salt reacts within the structure and makes it rusty.

Final Verdict

In my view, it is best feeder. It does not need any funnel, and provides a perfect, far distance throw. It is good option for remote feeding areas.

Moultrie 30-Gallon Gravity Tripod Feeder


Moultrie is the best gravity deer feeder This machine is a great option. The flow gravity dispenser helps the product to stand out in the market. It comes with three feeder funnels.

Gravity feeder works without battery. It is a cheap deer feeder as it needs no external power source for operation. The large tank with a 30-gallon capacity is another plus point.

The metallic body and square feet legs make it durable. The feeder is perfect for feeding protein pellets. Moreover, the ability to convert to an auto spin-cast feeder is another wonderful feature of this equipment.

  • It holds a good amount of corns
  • No batteries are required for operation
  • Three funnel system is easy to access
  • It is not varmint resistant, the only con linked with this product.

Final verdict

Well, in my opinion, it is a wonderful option for those who have a limited budget and are new in the field. The gravity feeding, weather resistance, and large capacity all make it a perfect option. Get it now and have a wonderful experience.

American Hunter 440 Lb Knock Down Feeder

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American Hunter deer feeder is the top-rated product. It is all because of the sturdy design and operational ease through a powerful 3000 RPM motor. It comes with a ¼ drive shaft that has no blow singer.

Moreover, it comes with a digital timer with eight options of timing. The machine has an LCD screen that is easy to use and has a stand-alone test button.

The feeder is quite durable as it features the galvanized metal hopper having a built-in funnel. Plus, the large supportive legs maintain the position of the machine. Moreover, you can adjust high medium, or slow speed to disperse feed.

Feeder is equipped with inline fuse that prevents power supply overload, keeping it protected from any damage.

  • Weather-resistant design
  • Digital timer is easy to set
  • Feed rate can be adjusted
  • The spin plate is not tight enough

Final verdict

I suggest it is a perfect feeder to attract deers. The inline fuse battery, durable design, LCD, and strong feet make this feeder ideal for placement in arough hunting zone.

One and Done Game Feeder


One and done game feeder features the smart program system.  The extra-large tank has 55gallon Capacity and makes it the best option to feed the large herd. The awesome dispersal capacity allows 1 cup of feed in the widest range of the field,

The machine comes with an automatic directional feeder that allows accurate throw.  It gets an estimate of the distance at which the feed will land. You can easily load it with protein pallet, fish food, and corn as it works efficiently with the dry feed.

The battery-operated machine offers a long back up timings. Once the battery is fully charged, it gives a backup time of 3 to 4 months even after frequent use.

Sturdy equipment is varmint and waterproof. It has versatile features as compared to others.

  • It offers Smart technology operation
  • Easy setup and flexible placement
  • The wide feeding coverage
  • Durable design to withstand all weather conditions.
  • The built quality is not good.

Final verdict

It has become the top-rated feeder of the year because of its digital technology, large corn holding capacity, calculated dispersal, and durability in nature if you have to keep it in the forest for the long term where there is the fear of bears, rodents and other such animals then buy it as it will meet all your expectations.

Texas Hunter Products Directional Fish Feeder


Texas Hunter automatic deer feeder is well-designed equipment that comes with adjustable legs with footpads. The feeder comes with nine feed adjustment options and operates with a 12-volt motor that is powerful enough to disperse corns at a far distance so that Reindeers can easily reach the food.

 It features a low profile design for easy filling of the corn. Moreover, it comes with lockable lid latches. Thanks to the powerful centrifugal air blower system that disperses feed in large 20 to 45-foot range and eliminates dispersal within 3 to 5 feet. It is complete unit that provides a quick release access panel having a clear view of funnel.

  • Less in height for easy filling
  • Two built-in feed level sight gauges
  • Powder-coated galvanized steel hopper
  • Powerful air blower assembly.
  • Lack of varmint resistant feature

Final verdict

Well, it is a complete high-grade unit for dispersal of the feed and the best option to attract the deers. Powerful air bow assembly, sturdy design. Less height and all features in between make it a high rated feeder.

Things to Consider Before Buying Automatic Deer Feeder | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

To buy the best automatic deer feeder, you have to focus on different factors to make your spending safe. Few things to consider before buying the best equipment are


The first factor to consider is the capacity of the feeder. Automatic feeders come in different sizes. Some can hold 5 to 10 gallons, while others feature a large tank for 55 to 60 gallons. Pick the one according to hunting requirements. Long duration or difficult hunts might require feeders with larger capacity tanks. 


Power Consumption

Power consumption directly dictates for how long an electric-powered feeder can operate. There are different sources to supply electric power. Some have rechargeable batteries some have single-use batteries and solar panels to supply electric power. Each source has its own pros and cons. Battery life, durability, cost weight are some of the many factors. Set your priorities for these factors and analysis before deciding.  


In the deep forest where there are chances of attack of raccoons, goats, and other such animals, then choose the one that features varmint proof property. Plus, to keep it safe from rusting, the feeder with water-resistant features makes a perfect choice.


The height and location of the feeder decide the convenience of refilling. Taller feeders usually come with a stair or ladder that helps in refilling. Feeders preferred for placement deep inside the forest usually have a larger tank that doesn’t require frequent refilling. 


Durability is an important factor to consider. You have to use a feeder for a long time. Therefore before you buy, check the build quality, water resistance feature, and spinner plate design to spend on a valuable product. Better the build quality and designer the longer it is going to last. 

Varmint proof

The feeder with varmint proof feature is considered ideal as it does not allow raccoons and other such animals to attack the feed. Know the location inhabitants first and then choose the feeder to keep only for deers and not for other animals.


Feeders are placed in outdoor locations, and weather conditions affect the life of the product. Therefore, it is important to choose the best deer automatic feeder that has water resistance properties.

Mechanical and Electrical parts

The motor, battery spinning tool, funnel, and all features in between that play a part in the feeder’s operation are important to consider. Check the certification and functionality of the motor and other such parts. It is also important to know how deer feeder parts work together.

Ease of Setup

The assembly must be simple and adjustable. Some feeders come assembled and some need to be assembled. Both have their own importance and functionality. Choose according to your preference. 


The last but not least factor is the cost. There exist a wide range of models, and both types come in the various cost range. Pick the branded one that has good reviews, long performance, and excellent dispersal rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Moultrie pro hunter works with prongs or battery

Moultrie pro hunter automatic feeder works with both prongs and a 6v battery. Therefore if battery charging is over and you find no source to charge it,  prongs are an excellent source to keep the feeder operational.

Q2.What is a more beneficial deer feeder or food plot?

It is observed that the deer feeder offers more benefits as it allows even dispersal of the corn kernels that attract the deer, and it disperses food from time to time. In contrast, food plots are filled just once in the morning and when food is over the deer scatters and does not remain on the plot.

Q3. Can we use “F” tab battery with the automatic feeder?

No, it is not recommended. It is good to use only a 6v or 5v battery. Only use the one compatible with the automatic deer feeder.

Q4. How does gravity deer feeder works?

The gravity feeder distributes the feed with the gravity mechanism. Feed falls down to the port and gets spread on the floor. Moreover, the feeder comes with a hopper that holds feed and deer can easily feed directly from the hopper.

Final Conclusion

Now you have complete knowledge about deer feeders, the buying guide, and benefits. It will be easy for you to make decisions about the best automatic deer feeder. You can choose any one of the top pick feeders discussed above. All are high quality and offer a good dispersal. But if you want to go with the editor’s pick, then the Wildgame innovations automatic deer feeder is the perfect option.  Capsule deer feeders have an automatic variant available for hunting enthusiasts.

For deer feed purposes, the best feeder has good battery power, a large capacity tank, weather, varmint resistance, and all features in between. Choose the one that you think will help you grab the attention of deers toward the field.

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