6-volt Rechargeable Battery For Deer Feeder

Why are Batteries used in Deer Feeders?

There are two major types/ categories for deer feeders.

Every deer feeder ever made can be categorized in anyone of these two. As the name suggests, automatic feeder use electrically powered mechanical parts to disperse feed. Gravity deer feeders utilize gravitational force for feed dispersal yet incorporate some electrical parts for some essential controls. Point being, every deer feeder needs an electrical power source to operate.

Batteries are portable electrical power sources used to power electrical components of deer feeders. There are many types of batteries available but rechargeable batteries top the list with their reusability and long lasting life.

Why 6volt batteries are used in Deer Feeders?

Electrical components in deer feeders do not require much power and are operated for durations as small as 4 to 6 seconds. Using a battery with higher voltage presents a risk of burning sensitive electrical components. Using high voltage battery is also loss of power. In some cases a 12 volt battery can be used in place of 6 volt battery and these cases are very rare. Either electrical component is robust enough or operational durations are very small, so small that deer feeder parts do not get heated.

Types of Rechargeable Batteries used Deer Feeders

Rechargeable batteries use reversible chemical reactions to store energy. Reversal of chemical reaction allows charge re-storage once the battery has been drained. Repeated use of rechargeable batteries reduces overall battery usage cost and cause less harm to environment. Hence rechargeable batteries are in high demand.

Deer feeders are kept in wild for days to feed deer hence recharge battery is the only viable power source.  Few of the most common types of recharge batteries are as follows:

  • Lead-acid
  • Nickel-Cadmium
  • Lithium-ion
  • Lithium-ion polymer

Few of the most purchased 6volt rechargeable batteries for deer feeders are as follows:

  • Moultrie MFHP12406 6-Volt, 5-Amp Rechargeable Safety Battery6 volt deer feeder battery
  • Wild Game Innovations 6V Tab Style Rechargeable Battery6 volt deer feeder battery
  • Mighty Max Battery 6V 4.5AH Rechargable Game Deer Feeder Predator Caller Battery6 volt deer feeder battery
  • Universal Power Group 6V 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Deer Feeder6 volt deer feeder battery
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