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Best Deer Feeders 2021: All You Need To know

Deer feeders are now commonly being used by hunters to attract deer into their shooting range, hence helping them earn what they so dearly desire. The addition of the right deer feeders to your hunting game truly calls more deer to visit your zone of shooting, increasing your zone by almost two-fold. What more does it do? With more deer visiting your zone, you can get the opportunity to observe them closely and select the animals that are meeting the requirements of wildlife management.

However, the type of deer feeder does matter, and you need to get the best deer feeder if you want the highest catch. To find the top rated deer feeder, there are a few things that you need to watch out for. So, you can read more about the deer feeders in this article as you head along. We have collected the best deer feeder 2021, so you can find the right one for your needs. Have a look at the top-rated deer feeders here.

The best deer feeders 2021 reviews and products

Here are some of the best deer feeders that you should know about as they can be helpful for you if you are searching for one.




A. Digital timer setting
B. Durable plastic housing
C. Feed level estimator

A. 4 different feed times
B. Galvanized spinner
C. Takes about 15 minutes to set up

A. Analog clock
B. Battery included in packaging
C. Feed settings available

A. UV resistant
B. Free from electrical parts
C. Strap mounting

A. Gigantic 300 lbs capacity
B. Water tight for fresh feeding
C. Supports antler growth

A. Solar panel included
B. Unique design
C. Directional feeding

A. Heavy duty feeder
B. Weather resistant
C. Large feeding mouth

A. Gigantic ground sitting capsule
B. Solar panel included
C. Varmint protection

A. Easy to refill
B. Hassle free feeding
C. Up to 6 automatic feedings

A. Safe and solid feeder
B. Resistant to rust
C. Withstand wildlife encounters

A. Automatic feeding
B. Metal drum base
C. Durable construction

A. Lifetime warranty
B. Enough feed to last for months
C. Feed estimator included

This is among the best tripod deer feeders, as it comes with amazing features like a quick-lock technology and a metal spin plate. The metal spin plate is set to resist performance disturbing inference by external forces like wind. It supports a digital time and you can program a maximum of 6 feedings for each day with an adjustable time duration of around 1-20 seconds. It stands 5’5 high and is easily assembled without the need for any tools. It costs you less than some other feeders offering the same features. With the easy, quick-lock system, you can set it up with ease without any tools. With the feed level estimator, you can monitor feed usage. The feeder runs with four AA batteries that come with the set. While these batteries are included and you can run them with ease, you may use lithium batteries to improve the battery life.

  • Spinner plate acts as a barrier against wind
  • Digital timer for setting each feed time
  • Quick-lock suppor
  • Simple use with battery suppor
  • Feed level estimator helps to know how long the feed can las
  • Metal spin plate/funnel
  • Durable housing made of plastic
  • Not very finely designed
  • Battery acid may leak

Final verdict

This deer feeder is a good option for those who want to set time for feeding. With quick-lock and a durable build, you can easily carry this feeder around. People who worry about not having an indication when the feed ends, this is a good option for you, with its feed level estimator.

True to its promise, this can work with a quick set of 15 minutes, and then you are ready to operate it. This feeder provides you above-average results with its designed durable poly barrel. Moreover, its manageable weight of 37 pounds makes it easy to use and it can carry 225 pounds of feed. This best cheap deer feeder is a good option while being in a manageable range. The feeder supports a built-in funnel to ensure that the feed is accurately dispersed. With a durable and weather-resistant housing, made of heavy-duty coated legs, this feeder supports a steel spinner plate that is galvanized for best results. With the feeder’s easy-to-use timer, you can set four times for daily feeds that can last 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds as per your preference. Since this feeder also supports protein pellets, you can choose the feed you want as per your need. This is among the best tripod deer feeder options that you have.

  • Attracts more animals to your zone
  • Durable design with poly barre
  • Supports a built-in funnel so your feed can be dispersed accurately
  • Weather-resistant and durable housing
  • Easy set up of 15 minute
  • 4 feed times available
  • Durable galvanized spinner plate made of steel
  • Battery may run out faster than expected
  • Is not very durable in design
  • Digital display may be a concern when setting time

Final verdict

With an easy 15 minute set up, this feeder is a good, durable option. It is an affordable option and is easy to put together. With an easy setup, and being more durable, this feeder is an affordable option for hunters who want to bring more deer in their hunting zone.

Being on the gsm product top line, this is among the best game feeders that you can get to feed the animals and get a good catch. This game feeder supports a 50lbs capacity that is enough for you to keep your feed in. It comes with a hopper clock analog timer, made of metal, that allows you to time your feed. Using this feeder, you can feed 1-24 times a day. With an adjustable feed rate, you can control the amount of feed you want to use based on the rate. As it comes with a pre-wired accessory system, you can easily set it up. Coming with a hanging feature, you can portably move the feeder and hang it where you want to. This game feeder works with product specific batteries that are available with the product. Hence, it is a good option as a deer feeder for hunters.

American Hunter Deer Feeder-Buyer’s Guide

  • Adjustable-rate
  • Pre-wired for accessories
  • Hanging portable feeder for easy handling
  • 1-24 times feeds available per day
  • Analog clock timer supported
  • 50lbs good capacity
  • Battery supported, with battery included
  • The cover may fall off
  • Not resistant to weather changes

Final verdict

This feeder is a good option and easy to set with its pre-wired accessories. With the hanging option, it can easily be used as a portable feeder to be carried around as needed. It is a good option for hunters looking for a way to attract more deer to their zone.

Among the many options of best gravity deer feeders, this is one that you can rely on. This feeder is specifically designed with a gravity-driven trough that can easily be used to feed deer. Being durable in design with its UV-resistant construction of plastic, this feeder is a durable option. It supports a 40lb capacity which is good enough for you to feed your animals. Designed as a gravity feeder, this product supports a strap for being mounted on any tree. Also, it does not require any battery programming, as it works with gravity, so you can stay free from the worry of using batteries. With no electronic parts to worry about, you can easily strap it to any tree and make use of it. Not only that, but Moultrie feed station also supports a surprising level of versatility, allowing the dispersal of different feed types such as corn or powdered mixtures.

Best Moultrie deer feeder- Buyer’s Guide

  • Supports a large 40 lb. capacit
  • Made of durable and UV resistant plastic
  • Supports a gravity-driven trough design
  • No batteries are required
  • No electronic parts
  • Versatility in the dispersal of the feed
  • Comes with a strap for tree mounting
  • The lid may fall off sometimes
  • The straps may get lost with frequent use

Final verdict

This gravity feeder is a good feeder for those who want to use a stable and durable feeder for deers. Since they don’t use batteries, you are free from the worries of running batteries. The feeder can easily be strapped to any tree and feed can be added, hence is a good option for hunters.

Different from and ahead of all other deer feeders, this deer feeder supports a 300lbs capacity and is coon proof. It can be used for protein or corn feed. Though not included, this feeder can rest mounted on an 8 ft, 4*4, 3 ft into the ground. The good part is that a single post will damage or interfere with the antler growth. With an adjustable feeder port, you can easily control the flow of the feed that you use. Also, you don’t have to worry about the lid, as the watertight and large cover makes the cover fixed and set. With this cover, you can easily fill in your feed and it keeps your feed fresh. This is available in green color, much different from other feeders. Made of polythene, it can last long and is durable in design. Keep your feed fresh with the tight cover, that also makes it easier to refill it.

  • 300 lbs. large capacity
  • Doesn’t interfere or damage antler growth
  • Supports feeding ports that are adjustable, controls flow
  • The watertight and large cover keeps feeding fresh
  • The feeder is easy to refill
  • Mounts are not included
  • Does not have feed timer
  • May be expensive for some people

Final verdict

This feeder has a much larger capacity, 300lbs. then many other feeders hence are very useful as a large-scale feeder. Durable in design and with a solid cover, your deer feeding can become easy, and while your feed remains fresh. You can get it mounted almost 3 ft into the ground.

Being designed with the highest quality material, manufactured by American hunters, this feeder is a sun slinger directional feeder kit that includes some high-end, amazing features. It comes with a V solar charger and mounting brackets that can easily be installed for use. A digital touch timer keeps a track of the feeding time. As complex as it looks, this feeder is rather easy to install and setup. As it comes with mounting brackets, you can easily set up this feeder. It is relatively inexpensive in terms of the features it supports, hence is a good deer feeder option. There are many best protein feeders for deer, but this can be among the most amazing ones. It is a battery operated feeder model that operates to feed animals. The body and the funnel are made out of metal and are hence more durable than their plastic counterparts. It is a heavy-duty deer feeder and easy to set.

  • Easy to set and install
  • Mounting brackets make it easy to set
  • Supports a digital touch timer
  • Made out of high and durable material
  • It has a strong motor and has good coverage
  • May have problems with being directional
  • The housing is long
  • Some problems with installation

Final verdict

This feeder is a durable, and high-quality product and useful for hunters who are in search of deer feeders. This feeder is very easy to install as it comes with mounting brackets that you can use to set the feeder. If you are looking for a durable feeder, this might be a good option to consider.

This Redneck outdoor T-post gravity feeder is a heavy-duty, and all-weather stable and resistant feeder made of polyethylene. With no mechanical parts, this deer feeder is easy to maintain and use. Being weather-resistant, it can withstand even the harshest of weather. This durability makes it suitable for use. This feeder is very easy to mount with its ability to get attached to any t-post. You can easily attach it to a tree with its v-groove support. With an 80lb. capacity supported, and 4*5 mouths, the feeder can easily feed your deer. With an easy-to-remove cover, you can quickly refill your feeder and the grooves on the concave back allow ratchet straps to be fixed easily for mounting. This is a very easy-to-use feeder as it does not have any mechanical parts, and is easy to fix, install, and use. Enjoy hunting with this simple deer feeder at your hand.

  • Heavy-duty designed gravity feeder
  • Stable and resistant to all types of weather
  • Easy-to-mount on any T-post with its v-groove
  • Easy-to-remove cove
  • Large feeder mouth
  • Lid may get off by animal attack or harsh weather
  • Maybe less durable
  • Does not support a timer

Final verdict

This feeder is a good option for those hunters who want to use their feeders all year-round. It is made of durable material that can withstand most weather. More deer will come to your zone with the large feeder mouth and easy refill of the feeder. Those who want to hang their feeder on the T-post, this will be a great option.

Get the opportunity to update yourself with the safest game feeder available in stores. This patented feeder that sits on the ground is designed to finish the risks of working under such a large weight of 400lb. being light in weight and durable in construction, this feeder is easily movable and indestructible. It weighs lighter than a steel barrel and does not rust at all! You can schedule up to 6 automatic feeding times in a day with this feeder. With a low center of gravity, your feeder rests safely as it works. The battery remains charged with the solar panel all year-round. Set your timer once filled and set free from the worry of checking it time and again. As it rests safely, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by animals. Hence, this durable and safe feature saves your valuable feed and your time.

  • Ground-sitting
  • Light weight and durable
  • Easily moveable
  • Schedule up to 6 feedings in a day
  • Battery remains charged with the solar panel
  • Save time and your valuable feed
  • Varmint proof
  • Storage capacity may be low
  • Maybe an expensive option
  • There may be problems with the housing

Final verdict

This safe capsule feeder is a good option for hunters who fear the dangers of working under such a heavyweight like 400lbs, as this feeder rests on the ground. For hunters who are busy and do not have time to constantly check, this feeder works with battery support, so you don’t have to check time and again.

You can now enjoy the original and safest sit-and-fill deer feeder that allows hunters to easily operate and fill the feeders as needed. You no longer need ladders to climb and fill the feeder. This feeder is light in weight, moveable, and is indestructible. This feeder is completely rust-resistant and weighs even lighter than steel barrels. With a digital timer that can set up to 6 automatic feedings, you don’t have to keep an eye on your feeder as it operates. A low center of gravity allows resting safely without being knocked over. The solar panel ensures that your feeder’s battery remains charged throughout the year. You can easily fill your feeder and sit back and there is no need to check on your feeder again and again. This is a perfect, and ideal option for small scale property owners to use for feeding their animals.

  • Safe use
  • sit-and-fill feeder
  • Light in weight and durable construction
  • Completely rust-resistant
  • Digital timer that supports 6 automatic feedings per day
  • Solar panel charges the battery
  • Set your timer after filling your feeder and no need to check again
  • Maybe less durable
  • May have a difficult setup

Final verdict

This is a safe feeder option for hunters, with its ground-sitting feature. Stay at ease from checking your feeder again and again with this battery charged feeder with a solar panel. Being light in weight and safe in design, it is a good option for hunters to use. Hence, this feeder is useful for most people who look for deer feeders.

This is one of the safest options that you have for a deer feeder. With a ground-setting design, the dangers of working with high weight are reduced. Being durable and light in weight, you can enjoy a great deer feeder. You can schedule your feeding times with the digital timer that can set up to 6 feedings for a day. Your feeder battery remains charged all the year-round with the solar panel, hence you don’t need to check it again and again. A low center of gravity enables the feeder to rest on the ground safely, without being knocked over by animals. This saves both your time and your valuable feed. Enjoy the amazing features of this deer feeder and take maximum advantage of them. Move it around with ease, as it is easy to carry and light in weight.

  • Safe game feeder, as it is ground-sitting
  • Light in weight and durable in design
  • Rust-resistant deer feeder
  • Schedule your feedings
  • Battery remains charged
  • Low center of gravity saves the feeder from animal attacks
  • Durability may be a concern
  • Battery may run ou

Final verdict

This feeder is a good option as it is safe, durable, supports a digital timer for feed time setting, and is light in weight. If you fear that animals may knock over your feeder, this is the right one for you as it stays firm due to its low gravity.

With a 55 Gal drum base made out of metal and big diameters, this capsule Cap-BAR feeder is fully patented and supports capsule technology. This capsule feeder supports a DIY version, but the barrel isn’t included. Capsule feeder Cap-BAR comes with a complete battery, timer, and a solar panel for best use. It is made out of metal and is hence more durable than it’s plastic counterparts. Since it is automated, you can set the timer for the feed and stay at ease from looking at it time and again. It is a uni-sex adult, capsule feeder perfectly designed to meet the needs of a deer feeder. The solar panel keeps the battery charged, so you can stay at ease from that worry. With the timer, you can set the time for the feeds required in a day. This deer feeder is especially a good option for hunters who want to attract more deer to their zone

  • Digital timer for feed time setting
  • Battery remains charged with the solar panel
  • Metal drum base for durability
  • Durable in design and making
  • Fully patented ideal game feeder technology support
  • Durability may sometimes be a problem
  • May be expensive
  • May be heavy
  • Not portable

Final verdict

Being made of a metal body, the feeder is durable in design and can be trusted to last long. So, for those people who are looking for a durable deer feeder as an investment, this feeder can be a good option. It supports most of the features that a good deer feeder has.

With this Moultrie pro deer feeder, you can set up to 6 feed times per day with 1-20 seconds for each. It is made of all metal housing, spin plate, barrel, funnel, and varmint guard. With the built-in system of the feed level estimator, you don’t have to worry about how long the feed can last. It comes with solar panel connectors and a battery indicator. This feeder gives you a backed lifetime warranty. With an easy-to-set LCD timer, you can save your time and not get frustrated. The barrel is constructed with metal and supports 200lb. capacity which can last almost 4 months. Among the best protein feeders for deers, this can be a great option. This feeder comes with a varmint guard that protects against varmints and saves your feed for the deers. Enjoy the best hunting with this special deer feeder that has so much to offer.

  • Digital timer supports 6 feed times in a day
  • Durable in design and material
  • Lifetime warranty supported
  • Built-in metal funnel
  • Supports a 200lb. feed capacity enough to last 4 months
  • Supports a built-in feed estimator
  • The lid may fall off
  • Durability may sometimes be a problem

Final verdict

This feeder is a good option among many other deer feeders as it supports a digital timer, is hard in design, gives a life-time warranty, and has a durable body. For hunters looking for a one-time good investment, this may be the right option. As it supports a large capacity of 200 lb, it stands apart from many other deer feeders.

Best Deer Feeder Buyers Guide For You

Having read some of the best deer feeder reviews, we now see a few things that are necessary to look at when you plan on buying a deer feeder.


One important factor to look at when buying a deer feeder is the location. What is also important is the proper positioning of the feeder in this area. A good option is a substantial, sturdy, and bigger size hopper as it will be less demanding than others. If your location includes hiking and climbing, you might need to look for a deer feeder that is less difficult to transport and light in weight.

2. Feeder refilling

Apart from the initial setup, you should consider the ease in refilling the feeder periodically all year-round. In the case of a truck, you can carry and refill good amounts of feed with a ladder. If you are hiking, you can take note of how much you will need, and fill it yourself if you can. If feeders are too tall, you may require a step, stool, or a ladder to reach the top and fill it. Nevertheless, some feeders allow you to stand on the ground as you refill the feed.

3.   Durability

Durability means that your product should be able to withstand all types of weather, since they will be outdoors, for most, if not all of the year along with the durability of the individual parts and of the deer feeder as a whole. Apart from the weather, your feeder should be able to stand against deer bites, bumps, knocking over, bears, and wildlife animals. Durability also includes the hardiness and longitivty of the mechanical parts of a deer feeder. A durable deer feeder has durable parts and therefore, last longer. Low-quality plastic wears out easily while a high-grade plastic or metal may be good for the job. 

4.   Varmint proof

One problem that you might face is the local varmint population ending up eating your feed. Squirrels and raccoons use the supply quicker and may scare some of your animals away. Some deer feeders are already equipped with automatic spinners, timers, and chutes to prevent the varmints. You might want to get such a feeder to avoid a varmint attack.

5.   Weatherproof

When investing in a deer feeder you must know all the things that matter. Another important factor that comes into play is the weather-proof feature. This means that your feeder should be able to endure all sorts of weather be it rain, snow, sun, or a breeze. Since these feeders are to be used all-year-round, they should be weather-proof.

6.   Mechanical and electrical parts

Some feeders allow you to set a clock time to initiate the feed dispersal and a lot of the time when feed is to be released. Other feeders fill a trough and shoot feed out from the top of the feeder. Moving parts have a greater chance of being broken. Hence, the mechanical parts matter when it comes to getting a deer feeder.

7.   Ease of setup

Wouldn’t it be best if the deer feeders were easy to set up and use? Normally, not all deer feeders are an easy setup. Most deer feeders require you to set up everything before use, while some have pre-assembled parts requiring less effort and time. While not all deer feeders are easy to set up, you may want to find one that is set easily.

8.   Cost

Everyone wants a feeder that offers the most at the least price. Price is the main concern when it comes to getting a deer feeder. You don’t necessarily want a cheap feeder but one that is durable, good for the job, and is less in price.

9.   Goal and cost balance

What is the goal of your feeder? Why do you need it? That is also one important factor when buying a deer feeder. If your goal is trying to feed an animal, there are many different feeders. If you have a high budget, you can go for a more expensive deerfeeder that supports much more features than cheaper ones. If the purpose of getting the feeder is costing you more money, you may need a higher budget. You can decide a good feeder based on what your goal and budget is. 

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Why should I get a varmint-proof deer feeder? 

A. While you want to feed the deer, many other animals like the feed, one of them being raccoons. To stop these varmints from eating your feed, you need to buy a varmint proof feeder. With this feeder, your feed can be saved.  

Q2. Is a hanging feeder a better option than a standing feeder? 

A. While most feeders are standing feeders, each feeder has it’s own pros and cons. Tripod or standing feeders do not require a tree, or poll to hang from. while hanging feeders need something to hang on to, they can easily be put out of the reach of cattle and other animals. Hence, you can go with the feeder that suits your needs best. 

Q3. What is the preferred size of the deer feeder pen?

A. For a normal deer feeder pen, the size should be enough so the deer don’t feel confined. A circular pen of around 51ft diameter will be enough for a deer pen.  

Q4. What are 4 top rated hanging deer feeders to buy for backyard?

A. Here are a few suggestions for you based on customer’s experience:


There are many deer feeders available in the market. When it’s about the comfort and safety of your loved ones, you look for the best always. About deer feeders, there is a great choice in the markets, so make sure to go through all the mentioned best deer feeders before you decide upon the one you want. In this article, we have gone through the pros, cons of some of the best deer feeders available, so you can compare and choose the one you like best. Before you choose the one you like, make sure to check that it has all the features that you are looking for.

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What Do Deer Eat – Everything You Need To Know

Deer are beautiful and majestic animals, they look adorable while roaming around your backyard. Their primary source of nutrition and food is mostly vegetation, hence you might find them eating your precious and intentionally cultivated plants in your garden. It can be very annoying and upsetting but there are ways to prevent deer from eating them. 

Not letting deer in your backyard is not an option as you might want to sit back and relax while you enjoy the gorgeous sight of them playing around. Some people can go a step further and photograph them as they graze around, what a beautiful photo it would be.

A deep understanding of what they do or do not eat is essential. Deer are a few of the animals who are not really picky in what they eat but that does not mean they will like it as well. If options are available they will always eat what they like more. They eat almost all sorts of vegetation from grass to seeds and nuts. Most people think it’s a good idea to feed corn to deer all year round, but it is not true. There are many other options that should be mixed well and fed to deer.

Making it easier for people, some renowned manufacturers have launched readymade deer feeds which you can simply buy and put in deer feeder.

1. Food Plots

food plot for deer

A food plot is a term planted by the U.S department of wildlife and hunting. Food plots describe a planted area of land to be a supplemental source of food for deer when usual green forage is scarce. It usually includes seeds and grains such as wheat, rye, oats, and many more. Now many companies are providing food plots in packing, i.e containing seeds for optimal nutrition for deer.

2. Woody Browse

As the name suggests it contains high wood content. Woody browse may consist of twigs, leaves, and trims or shaving of trees and small buds of plants. It can be a cheap source of deer feed if you have trees of thick forestation in your backyard. All you need to do is prune different trees and plants and lets deer consume them. During the winter season deer naturally consume more woody browse because of green plantation shortage. Woody browse is not available in the readymade form at the store.

3. Premixed Products

The third type of feed, which is a readymade feed, is called premixed products. It is all the essentials mixed together in aground form. All you need to do is open it up and put it in a deer feeder or where you want deer herd to feed. The mixture is very carefully planned keeping in mind the nutritional needs of deer. A few of the most important constituents include:

  1. Oats
  2. Rice Barn
  3. Alfalfa
  4. Soybeans
  5. Creep Feed

Most Popular Deers Feeds

A few of the most popular Deer Feeds available are as follows.

This particular product is made and supplied by are a very well-known brand called Wildgame innovations. Like deer feeders, it is also popular for its ready-made deer feeds. It comes in a 5lb bag containing crushed and mixed Acorns. Acorns are crushed and carefully mixed with soybean oil through a rigorous mixing process. It has a staggering 4.4/5 rating.

It is a food plot containing seeds of various plants and grains liked by deer. Made and distributed in the USA by Evolved habitats. As China being its country of origin it enables you to have your own customized food plot in the area where you want to hunt even if the access of equipment in that area is difficult. Customers gave it a 4.4/5 rating.

It is a vitamin and mineral supplement specifically for the needs of deer. Whitetail institute formulates and distributes it. Vitamins and minerals are mixed in accurate ratios for lactation, growth of antlers, and pregnancy. From macronutrients to micronutrients such as vitamin A, D, and E it has very thing help deer grow to their full potential.  It is awarded a 4.3/5 rating.

It is a concentrated deer or wildlife attractant that can be mixed with up to 300lbs of deer feed. It is formulated by Orange Corn Company. It has an irresistible orange flavor and scent that can drive any deer crazy to consume it within no time. It is popular to be successful in driving big bucks out of bushes. Like any other good product, it has a 4.3/5 consumer rating.

It is another amazing product by Wildgame innovations to maintain the good health of the deer herd. It is a sugar-coated salty licking brick to provide minerals. Deers lick it for the taste of crushed sugar beet mixed with processed beans but end up having minerals as well, found essentially in salt bricks. Salt bricks otherwise are not really attractive for deer. It has an average rating of 4/5.

It has seeds of excellent quality peas. It is most suitable when you want rich yet quick forage for a nearby deer herd. The quick growth and attractive nutrients make them particularly attractive for bow and firearm season. As the name suggests it is a food plot inside a package packed and distributed by Biologic. Its consumer rating is 4.4/5.

It contains seed of alfalfa to provide rich and quick forage for deer at hilltops and hillsides. It grows super quickly to give dense alfalfa. Either the weather is super cold or hot it is resistant to harsh weather. It can even survive in a shortage of water making it particularly attractive in extreme weather when the water for irrigation is not readily available. 


What do deer eat in winters?

Deer feel comfortable eating high fiber high protein wood browse and twigs in winter if not given supplemental feed by humans.

What do baby deer eat?

Baby deer only consume mother’s milk till they get a bit older. Once they get slightly grown-up they start to consume solid plants.

What flowers deer do not eat?

Flowers with high toxicity such as Daffodils and foxgloves are ones that deer do not consume.

What do whitetail deer eat?

It is common knowledge that whitetail deer are herbivores and can consume most vegetables and plants including woody browse if need be. 

What do mule deer eat?

Depending upon the weather season and what is available they can eat anything from green plants, vegetables to woody browse.